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An ynone structure

In organic chemistry, an ynone is an α,β-unsaturated ketone with the structure R1C≡C‒C(=O)R2 (R2 ≠ H) in which the carbonyl (C=O) function is conjugated to a C≡C triple bond at the α,β position.[1] Capillin is an example of a naturally occurring ynone.



One method for synthesizing ynones is the acyl substitution reaction of an alkynyldimethylaluminum with an acyl chloride. An alkynyldimethylaluminum compound is the reaction product of trimethylaluminum and a terminal alkyne.[3]

Synthesis of an ynone

An alternative is the direct coupling of an acyl chloride with a terminal alkyne, using a copper-based nanocatalyst:[4]

Synthesis of an ynone

Other methods utilize an oxidative cleavage of an aldehyde, followed by reaction with a hypervalent alkynyl iodide, using a gold catalyst.[5]

An alternative but longer synthetic method involves the reaction of an alkynyllithium compound with an aldehyde. The reaction produces a secondary alcohol that then can be oxidized via the Swern oxidation.

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