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Đông Pháp Thời Báo (Hán tự: 東法時報; Indochina Times; 2 May 1923 to 22 December 1928) was a Vietnamese language newspaper in Saigon. The founder and editor was Diệp Văn Kỳ.[1]


  1. ^ The Birth of Vietnamese Political Journalism: Saigon, 1916-1930 - Page 165 Philippe M. F. Peycam - 2012 "His appointment of Bùi Thế Mỹ as editor in chief signaled Indochina Times' new direction.61 Formerly a teacher at Nguyễn Phan Long's private school, Mỹ was writing for L'Écho Annamite when he met Liệu in January 1926... Another new face at Indochina Times was the southern poet and journalist Lâm Tấn Phác, better known by his pen name, Đông Hồ, who enjoyed national recognition for his poetry in quốc ngữ. His editorials were devoted to issues of language ... "