Ōshima Subprefecture (Tokyo)

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The location of Ōshima Subprefecture

Ōshima Subprefecture (大島支庁, Ōshima-shichō) is a subprefecture of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. The organization belong to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau Of General Affairs.

It includes the following towns and villages on the Izu Islands:

It covers 141.82 square km and 13,825 people.


  • 1900: Founded as Ōshima Island Government Office.
  • 1920: The island halls of Toshima, Niijima (including Shikinejima), Kōzushima, Miyakejima, and Mikurajima were abolished. The island government office takes control of these islands. The branch offices on Miyakejima and Niijima were founded.
  • 1926: Changed to Ōshima Subprefecture.
  • 1943: Miyakejima Branch Office was split as Miyake Subprefecture.

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