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Original author(s)Gaël Duval
Developer(s)E Foundation
Initial releaseSeptember 12, 2018; 8 months ago (2018-09-12)

/e/ (formerly Eelo) is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones on the Android mobile platform.[1] It is a fork of LineageOS. The operating system is developed by the E Foundation, which was founded by Gaël Duval. /e/ is marketed as privacy software and does not contain proprietary Google apps or services.[2][3]


In 2017, Duval, through a series of articles titled "Leaving Apple & Google: my /e/ odyssey",[4][5][6] proposed the concept of an operating system without privacy-invasive software. This was followed by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.[7] The OS was initially named Eelo,[3] but the name was subsequently changed to /e/ due to copyright issues.[8]


The first beta version, based on LineageOS 14.1, was released on September 12, 2018[9] with the source code on Gitlab.[10]

The second beta version, based on LineageOS 15.1, was released on November 22, 2018.[11]

Pre-installed apps[edit]

The operating system includes a set of pre-installed mobile apps:

  • Calendar - calendar functionality with different views: daily, week, month or agenda; can display several calendar feeds; forked from Etar
  • Calculator - combines a four-function calculator and advanced functions in landscape mode
  • Clock - combines alarm, world clock, timer and stopwatch; also includes a night mode
  • Contacts - phone book for contacts; contains phone numbers, emails, and other key information
  • File manager - to locate files on the smartphone and synchronize with files stored online
  • Gallery - direct access to pictures and videos taken with the device or viewed in messaging apps, can be viewed in a timeline or by albums
  • Mail - client to send and receive emails, forked from K-9 Mail
  • Maps - web mapping app featuring points of interest, can be connected with the users contacts, forked from Magic Earth, intended as a replacement for Google Maps
  • Notes - simple note-taking app
  • Tasks - a task manager that can be connected with the calendar for reminders and better task management
  • Telegram - instant messaging app featuring end-to-end encryption
  • Browser - a lightweight web browser
  • Weather - weekly weather forecast for a defined location
  • Recorder - allows recording of screen and voice
  • Light - control smartphone LED or screen to be used as a flashlight
  • Phone - to make phone calls, feature favorites, call history and connects with phone book
  • Messaging - SMS and instant messaging app, forked from Signal

/e/ does not include any Google apps that are normally pre-installed in Android phones.


/e/ offers several unique features that LineageOS does not include. Some of these features are:

  • Installation procedure – the setup allows users to login with an e email identity which provides access to /e/'s various online services such as drive, email, calendar, notes, tasks.
  • Settings organization – Changes have been made under settings to the user interface, icons and the set of features available under individual settings
  • Customized search engine forked from Searx
  • Preconfigured microG – microG[12] is a free and open source software which clones Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications.

Supported devices[edit]

As of 30 April 2019, /e/ officially builds for 81 devices, including Essential Phone, Fairphone, Samsung, and Xiaomi devices.[13] Official builds are labelled "nightly" although they are generally released every couple of days.[14]


/e/ has an active user base of a thousand users.[15] To interact with users and provide support, the /e/ team uses Telegram channels and a discussion forum.[16]

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