100 mm anti-tank gun M1977

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A407 100mm anti-tank gun M1977
Batalionul 612 artilerie antitanc 18.jpg
A407 gun of the 612th Anti-tank Battalion.
TypeAnti-tank gun
Place of originRomania
Service history
In service1975-present
WarsGulf War
Production history
ManufacturerArsenal Reşiţa
Mass3,150 kg (6,940 lb)
Length9.250 m
Barrel length4.630 m
Width2.250 m
Height1.530 m

Shell100 x 695 mmR
Caliber100 millimetres (3.9 in)
Traverse27°30' left and right
Rate of fire7 to 15 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity900 m/s for HE
1400 m/s for APFSDS-T
Effective firing range1.040 m for AP
1.728 m for APFSDS-T
Maximum firing range20.600 m (HE)
4.000 m (AP)
3.000 m (HEAT)
Sightsmechanical sight, panoramic sight,
optical sight, collimator

The A407 100mm anti-tank gun M1977 is a Romanian rifled 100-mm anti-tank gun which serves as the main towed anti-tank gun of the Romanian Land Forces from 1975 until present. Versions of the M1977 gun were installed on main battle tanks (TR-77 and TR-85) and ship turrets.


The A407 100mm anti-tank gun was the first artillery piece designed in Romania after World War II. The first variant of the gun, the M1975 (M stands for Model) had a semi-automatic horizontal sliding wedge type breech lock. The second variant, M1977, had a more practical vertical sliding wedge breech block.[1]

The M1977 can be also used as a field gun at brigade level, as it has a maximum range of 20.6 kilometers. After 1992, the M1977 anti-tank guns were modernized with improved optical sights.[2] The gun can be towed with the DAC 665T truck and has a maximum road speed of 60 km/h on road and 30 km/h off-road.


  • M1975 - used the horizontal sliding wedge breech lock.
  • M1977 - used the vertical sliding wedge breech lock.
  • M2002 - modernized version of M1977 with a FCS TAT-100.[3]


  • A 308 - tank gun used for TR-77 and TR-85 main battle tanks.
  • A 430 - 100 mm gun used for ship turrets.


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