1789 New Hampshire's at-large congressional district special election

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A special election was held in New Hampshire's at-large congressional district on June 22, 1789 to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Representative-Elect Benjamin West, who had declined to serve. This was the first special election in the history of the United States House of Representatives.

Election results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[1] Percent
Abiel Foster Pro-Administration 1,804 58.3%
John Samuel Sherburne Anti-Administration 538 17.4%
James Sheate [2] 190 6.1%
Elisha Payne [2] 139 4.5%
Joshua Atherton [2] 112 3.6%
Nathaniel Peabody [2] 86 2.9%
Simeon Olcott Pro-Administration 76 2.5%

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