1789 United States House of Representatives election in New Jersey

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The election of all four representatives was contested, but the records that explained the precise grounds on which the election was contested have been lost due to the burning of Washington in the War of 1812. It is known to have related to questions of regularity and procedure. All four representatives' elections were ruled valid.[1]

District Result Candidates[2]
New Jersey at-large
4 seats on a general ticket
Pro-Administration win James Schureman (Pro-Administration) 19.9%
Elias Boudinot (Pro-Administration) 13.0%
Lambert Cadwalader (Pro-Administration) 12.5%
Thomas Sinnickson (Pro-Administration) 12.0%
Abraham Clark (Pro-Administration) 10.5%
Jonathan Dayton (Pro-Administration) 9.9%
Robert Hoops 3.7%
Whitten Cripps 3.4%
Benjamin Van Cleve 2.9%
James Parker 2.5%
John Witherspoon 2.5%
Thomas Henderson (Pro-Administration) 1.7%
Robert L. Hooper 1.4%
Josiah Hornblower 1.0%
Pro-Administration win
Pro-Administration win
Pro-Administration win

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