1798 United States House of Representatives elections in Maryland

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District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 George Dent Federalist 1792 Incumbent re-elected. George Dent (Federalist) 54.5%
John Campbell (Federalist) 45.5%
Maryland 2 Richard Sprigg, Jr. Democratic-
1796 (Special) Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Federalist gain.
John C. Thomas (Federalist) 61.6%
Richard Sprigg, Jr. (Democratic-Republican) 38.4%
Maryland 3 William Craik Federalist 1796 (Special) Incumbent re-elected. William Craik (Federalist) 100%
Maryland 4 George Baer, Jr. Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected. George Baer, Jr. (Federalist) 54.9%
Daniel Hiester (Democratic-Republican) 45.1%
Maryland 5 Samuel Smith Democratic-
1792 Incumbent re-elected. Samuel Smith (Democratic-Republican) 57.7%
James Winchester (Federalist) 42.3%
Maryland 6 William Matthews Federalist 1796 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican gain.
Gabriel Christie (Democratic-Republican) 56.2%
Philip Thomas (Federalist) 43.8%
Maryland 7 William Hindman Federalist 1792 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican gain.
New member died October 28, 1798 before the new Congress, causing a special election, see above.
Joshua Seney (Democratic-Republican) 55.6%
William Hindman (Federalist) 44.4%
Maryland 8 John Dennis Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected. John Dennis (Federalist) Unopposed

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