1806 United States House of Representatives elections in Vermont

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Vermont elected its members September 2, 1806.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates[a]
Vermont 1
"Southwestern district"
Gideon Olin Democratic-Republican 1802 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic-Republican hold.
James Witherell (Democratic-Republican) 54.1%
Jonas Galusha (Federalist) 29.4%
Others 16.5%
Vermont 2
"Southeastern district"
James Elliot Federalist 1802 Incumbent re-elected. James Elliot (Federalist) 57.9%
William Hunter (Democratic-Republican) 32.2%
Others 9.9%
Vermont 3
"Northeastern district"
James Fisk Democratic-Republican 1804 Incumbent re-elected. James Fisk (Democratic-Republican) 61.0%
William Chamberlain (Federalist) 37.1%
Others 1.9%
Vermont 4
"Northwestern district"
Martin Chittenden Federalist 1802 Incumbent re-elected. Martin Chittenden (Federalist) 52.6%
Ezra Butler (Democratic-Republican) 43.3%
Others 4.2%

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  1. ^ Only candidates with at least 1% of the vote listed