1810 Maryland's 7th congressional district special election

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A special election was held in Maryland's 7th congressional district to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of John Brown (DR) to accept a position as clerk of the county court of Queen Anne's County.[1] Brown had earlier been re-elected to the 12th Congress, thus, his resignation created vacancies in both the 11th and 12th Congresses. Unusually, a single ballot was used for both vacancies. This was the first of at least three examples of this sort of dual-vacancy being filled with one ballot.[2]

Election results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[3] Percent
Robert Wright Democratic-Republican 650 51.7%
Daniel C. Hopper [4] 566 45.0%
James Brown [4] 39 3.1%

Robert Wright took his seat December 3, 1810[1] at the start of the Third Session of the 11th Congress.

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