1815 French legislative election

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All 400 seats of the Chamber of Deputies
201 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  François Régis de La Bourdonnaye, comte de La Bretèche.jpg Pierre-Paul Royer-Collard.jpg
Leader François-Régis de La Bourdonnaye Pierre Paul Royer-Collard
Party Ultras Doctrinaires
Leader's seat Maine-et-Loire Pas-de-Calais
Seats won 350 50
Popular vote 35,200 5,200
Percentage 87.5% 12.5%

Prime Minister before election

Joseph Fouché

Elected Prime Minister

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

French legislative elections were held from 8 May to 24 August for the first legislature of the Bourbon Restoration.

Electoral colleges elected a number of candidates equal to the number of deputies. Electoral colleges of the departments chose half of the deputies from these candidates and the other half were chosen freely.

The name of this chamber was the Chambre introuvable.


Party Leader Votes % Seats
  Ultra-royalists François-Régis de La Bourdonnaye 35,200 87.5% 350
  Doctrinaires Pierre Paul Royer-Collard 5,200 12.5% 50
Total 40,000[1] 100% 400


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