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The 1819 French partial election took place on 11 September 1819, during the Second Restoration, to choose delegates to the French Chamber of Deputies. It was the third of three elections (the others coming in 1817 and 1818) under a new law that called for legislative elections to be held annually in one-fifth of the nation's departments.[1]

A total of 53 seats were contested. For the third straight election, the Liberals (left-opposition) made a strong showing, picking up 35 seats.[2][3] The election of Grégoire caused a scandal, as he was a famous member of the Convention, which forced the government of Decazes to cancel this election. Nevertheless, the liberal group represented nearly one-third of the Lower House after this partial election, whereas the Ultras were reduced to 30 MPs.


Party Seats
  Liberals 35
  Government 13
  Ultra-royalists 5


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