1820 Louisiana gubernatorial election

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Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1820
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← 1816 July 5, 1820 1824 →
  Governor Thomas B. Robertson.jpg Pierre Derbigny.jpg No image.svg
Nominee Thomas B. Robertson Pierre Derbigny Abner L. Duncan
Party Democratic-Republican Democratic-Republican Democratic-Republican
Popular vote 1,903 1,187 1,031
Percentage 40.08% 25.00% 21.71%

  Jean Noel Destrehan.jpg
Nominee Jean Noel Destréhan
Party Democratic-Republican
Popular vote 627
Percentage 13.21%

Governor before election

Jacques Villeré

Elected Governor

Thomas B. Robertson

The Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1820, was the third gubernatorial election to take place after Louisiana achieved statehood. Under Article III Sec 2 of the 1812 Constitution of the State of Louisiana the Governor was elected in two steps. On the first Monday in July, eligible voters went to the polls and voted. The returns were sent to the President of the Louisiana State Senate. On the second day of the session of the Louisiana State Legislature, the Louisiana House of Representatives and Senate met in joint session and voted between the top two candidates. The candidate who received a majority in General Assembly became governor.


Popular Vote[1]

Candidate Votes received Percentage
Thomas B. Robertson 1,903 40.08%
Pierre Derbigny 1,187 25.00%
Abner L. Duncan 1,031 21.71%
Jean Noel Destréhan 627 13.21%
Total Vote 4,748

General Assembly Vote[1]

Candidate Votes received Percentage
Thomas B. Robertson 49 96.08%
Blank 2 3.92%
Total Vote 51

Preceded by
1816 Louisiana gubernatorial election
Louisiana gubernatorial elections Succeeded by
1824 Louisiana gubernatorial election


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