1830 French legislative election

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All 556 seats to the Chamber of Deputies
  Majority party Minority party
  De Broglie 1843.jpg Jules Armand de Polignac 1780–1847.JPG
Leader Victor de Broglie Jules de Polignac
Party Doctrinaires Ultras
Leader's seat Seine none
(Duke of Polignac)
Seats won 274 104
Seat change Increase 94 Decrease 76

French National Assembly 1830.svg
Composition of the Chamber of Deputies

The 1830 general election organized the first legislature of the July Monarchy but was meant to organize the sixth legislature of the Bourbon Restoration. The election was held on 5 and 13 July, with the second round held on 19 July.

Only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote.

Oddly, the election was organized under the Restoration (the first round being held before the July Revolution), but the legislature was entirely under the new July Monarchy. A quarter of the seats (119) were submitted to by-elections in autumn 1830 (see Administrative epuration).


Party Seats
  Doctrinaires 274
  Ultra-royalists 104

The legislature was immediately dissolved by Charles X of France, but continued its term under Louis-Philippe.