1834 New York gubernatorial election

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New York gubernatorial election, 1834

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  William L. Marcy - Brady-Handy.jpg William Seward 1851.png
Nominee William L. Marcy William H. Seward
Party Democratic Whig
Running mate John Tracy Silas M. Stilwell
Popular vote 181,905 168,969
Percentage 51.8% 48.2%

Governor before election

William L. Marcy

Elected Governor

William L. Marcy

The 1834 New York gubernatorial election was held from November 3 to 5, 1834 to elect the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York.

This was the first fall election in which the Whig Party participated. Incumbent Governor William L. Marcy was re-nominated by the Democratic Party to run against the nominee of the Whig Party, future governor William H. Seward. Seward had had to fight hard for the nomination; those considered included Amos P. Granger, Daniel C. Verplanck, and others. Eventually Seward, although very young, emerged as the consensus choice. During the campaign itself, the Democratic press charged that Seward was too young to serve; the Whig press countered by giving examples of famous people, including DeWitt Clinton, who had served at young ages.


1834 General election results
Governor candidate Running Mate Party Popular Vote
William L. Marcy John Tracy Democratic 181,905 (51.84%)
William H. Seward Silas M. Stilwell Whig 168,969 (48.16%)