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the United States

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Map of Texas, Oregon, and California in 1846

Events from the year 1846 in the United States. In this year, the United States declares war on Mexico, starting the Mexican–American War.


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  • Neil Burgess, comedian (died 1910)
  • John Denny, buffalo soldier and Medal of Honor recipient (died 1901)
  • Pugsey Hurley, British-born burglar, river pirate and underworld figure in New York City
  • Peter Remondino, Italian-born physician, author, first president of the San Diego Board of Health, and co-founder of San Diego’s first private hospital (died 1926)
  • Mary Foot Seymour, businesswoman and writer (died 1893)
  • Thomas Shaw, buffalo soldier and Medal of Honor recipient (died 1895)
  • Thomas Wakeman, founder of the first Sioux Indian YMCA (died 1886)
  • James E. Ware, architect, originator of the "dumbbell plan" for New York City tenements (died 1918)


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