1855 Alabama gubernatorial election

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Alabama gubernatorial election, 1855
← 1853 August 6, 1855 1857 →
  John A. Winston.jpg No image.svg
Nominee John A. Winston George Shortridge
Party Democratic Know Nothing
Popular vote 43,930 32,086
Percentage 57.79% 42.21%

Governor before election

John A. Winston

Elected Governor

John A. Winston

The 1855 Alabama gubernatorial election took place on August 6, 1855 in order to elect the Governor of Alabama. Democrat John A. Winston won his second term as Governor.


Democratic Party[edit]

Know Nothing[edit]

At the time, the Know Nothing Party was known as the American Party.

  • George D. Shortridge


Alabama gubernatorial election, 1855[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic John A. Winston 43,930 57.79
Know Nothing George D. Shortridge 32,086 42.21
Total votes 44,318 100.00
Democratic hold


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