1861 Texas gubernatorial election

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  Francis lubbock.jpg Edward clark.png
Nominee Francis Lubbock Edward Clark Thomas J. Chambers
Party Independent Independent Independent
Popular vote 21,854 21,730 13,759
Percentage 38.1% 37.8% 24.0%

Seal of the Governor of Texas.svg
Governor before election

Edward Clark

Seal of the Governor of Texas.svg
Elected Governor

Francis Lubbock

The 1861 Texas gubernatorial election was held on November 4, 1861 to elect the Governor of Texas. Incumbent Governor Edward Clark was running for his first full term but was defeated by Francis Lubbock by a margin of 124 votes.

The election was the first of two held in Texas during the American Civil War. Texas was, at the time, a Confederate state.


General Election Results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Francis Lubbock 21,854 38.05%
Independent Edward Clark 21,730 37.84%
Independent Thomas J. Chambers 13,759 23.96%
No Party Write-ins 85 0.15%
Total votes 57,428 100.00%
Independent hold


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