1864 United States presidential election in Maryland

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1864 United States presidential election in Maryland

← 1860 November 8, 1864 1868 →
Turnout10.61% of the total population Decrease 2.85 pp[1]
  Abraham Lincoln November 1863.jpg GeorgeMcClellan2.jpg
Nominee Abraham Lincoln George B. McClellan
Party National Union Democratic
Home state Illinois Pennsylvania
Running mate Andrew Johnson George H. Pendleton
Electoral vote 7 0
Popular vote 40,153 32,739
Percentage 55.09% 44.91%

President before election

Abraham Lincoln

Elected President

Abraham Lincoln

The 1864 United States presidential election in Maryland took place on November 8, 1864, as part of the 1864 United States presidential election. Maryland voters chose seven representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.[2]

Maryland was won by the incumbent President Abraham Lincoln (R-Illinois), running with former Senator and Military Governor of Tennessee Andrew Johnson, with 55.09% of the popular vote, against the 4th Commanding General of the United States Army George B. McClellan (DPennsylvania), running with Representative George H. Pendleton, with 44.91% of the vote.[2]

This was the last time that a Republican would win Maryland until 1896.


United States presidential election in Maryland, 1864[2]
Party Candidate Running mate Popular vote Electoral vote
Count % Count %
National Union Abraham Lincoln of Illinois Andrew Johnson of Tennessee 40,153 55.09% 7 100.00%
Democratic George B. McClellan of Pennsylvania George H. Pendleton of Ohio 32,739 44.91% 0 0.00%
Total 72,892 100.00% 7 100.00%


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