18th Bangladesh National Film Awards

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18th Bangladesh National Film Awards
Awarded forBest of bangladeshi cinema in 1993
Awarded byPresident of Bangladesh
Presented byMinistry of Information
Presented on1993
SiteDhaka, Bangladesh
Official websiteOfficial website
Best Feature FilmPadma Nadir Majhi
Best ActorRaisul Islam Asad
Padma Nadir Majhi
Best ActressChampa
Padma Nadir Majhi
Most awardsPadma Nadir Majhi (5)

The 18th Bangladesh National Film Awards, presented by Ministry of Information, Bangladesh to felicitate the best of Bangladeshi Cinema released in the year 1993. The ceremony took place in Dhaka and awards were given by then President of Bangladesh. The National Film Awards are the only film awards given by the government itself. Every year, a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entry, and the award ceremony is held in Dhaka. 1993 was the 18th ceremony of National Film Awards.[1]

List of winners[edit]

This year artists received awards in 19 categories. Awards for Best Short Film and Best Actor in a Supporting Role were not given.

Merit Awards[edit]

Name of Awards Winner(s) Film
Best Film Habibur Rahman Khan (Producer) Padma Nadir Majhi
Best Director A. J. Mintu Banglar Bodhu
Best Actor Raisul Islam Asad Padma Nadir Majhi[2]
Best Actress Champa Padma Nadir Majhi[3]
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Anwara Begum Banglar Bodhu
Best Child Artist Anik Abujh Sontan
Best Music Director Azad Rahman Chandabaz
Best Lyrics Hasan Fakri Chandabaz and Banglar Bodhu
Best Male Playback Singer Azad Rahman Chandabaz
Best Female Playback Singer Farida Parveen Andho Prem

Technical Awards[edit]

Name of Awards Winner(s) Film
Best Screenplay A J Mintu Banglar Bodhu
Best Story Kazi Hayat Chandabaz
Best Cinematography A R Zahangir Abujh Santan
Best Dialogue Selim Al Din Ekattorer Jishu
Best Art Direction Mohihuddin Faruk Padma Nadir Majhi[4]
Best Editing Mujibur Rahman Dulu Banglar Bodhu
Best Sound Editing Taj Uddin Bhuiyan Moushumi
Best Choreography Masum Babul Dola
Best Makeup Mohammed Alauddin Padma Nadir Majhi

Special Awards[edit]

  • Special Award - Nazir Ahmed (posthumous)

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