1912 United States presidential election in South Dakota

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United States presidential election in South Dakota, 1912

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  Theodore Roosevelt-Pach.jpg Woodrow Wilson-H&E.jpg
Nominee Theodore Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson
Party Progressive Democratic
Home state New York New Jersey
Running mate Hiram Johnson Thomas R. Marshall
Electoral vote 5 0
Popular vote 58,811 48,942
Percentage 50.56% 42.07%

County Results

President before election

William Howard Taft

Elected President

Woodrow Wilson

The 1912 United States presidential election in South Dakota took place on November 5, 1912, as part of the 1912 United States presidential election. South Dakota voters chose seven representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

South Dakota was won by the 26th president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt (PNew York), running with governor of California Hiram Johnson, with 50.56% of the popular vote against the Princeton University President Woodrow Wilson (DNew Jersey), running with governor of Indiana Thomas R. Marshall, with 42.07% of the popular vote and the five-time candidate of the Socialist Party of America for President of the United States Eugene V. Debs (SIndiana), running with the first Socialist mayor of a major city in the United States Emil Seidel, with 4.01% of the popular vote.

South Dakota was the only state in the 1912 United States presidential election to not have the sitting U.S president William Howard Taft on the ballot or as a write in (like in California) which prevented the spoiler effect from happening which gave the state to Theodore Roosevelt. With 50. 56% of the popular vote, South Dakota was also the only state in which Roosevelt won a majority of the vote as well as being his strongest state nationally.[1]


United States presidential election in South Dakota, 1912[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Progressive Theodore Roosevelt 58,811 50.56%
Democratic Woodrow Wilson 48,942 42.07%
Socialist Eugene V. Debs 4,662 4.01%
Prohibition Stuart Hamblen 3,910 3.36%
Total votes 116,325 100%


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