1912 Vermont gubernatorial election

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Vermont gubernatorial election, 1912

← 1910 September 3, 1912 (1912-09-03) 1914 →
  Allen Miller Fletcher.jpg Harland B. Howe.jpg
Candidate Allen M. Fletcher Harland B. Howe Frazer Metzger
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Popular vote 26,237 20,001 15,629
Percentage 40.5% 30.8% 24.1%

Governor before election

John A. Mead

Elected Governor

Allen M. Fletcher

The Vermont gubernatorial election of 1912 took place on September 3, 1912. Incumbent Republican John A. Mead, per the "Mountain Rule",[1] did not run for re-election to a second term as Governor of Vermont. Republican candidate Allen M. Fletcher defeated Democratic candidate Harland B. Howe and Progressive candidate Frazer Metzger to succeed him. Since no candidate won a majority of the popular vote, the election was decided and Fletcher was elected by the Vermont General Assembly in accordance with the state constitution.[2]


Vermont gubernatorial election, 1912[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Allen M. Fletcher 26,237 40.5
Democratic Harland B. Howe 20,001 30.8
Progressive Frazer Metzger 15,629 24.1
Prohibition Clement F. Smith 1,735 2.7
Socialist Fred W. Suitor 1,210 1.9
N/A Other 27 0.0
Total votes 64,839 100


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