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The 1918 New York state election was held on November 5, 1918, to elect the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General, the State Treasurer and the State Engineer, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


This was the first state election following women's suffrage.

The primaries were held on September 3.

Republican primary[edit]

1918 Republican primary results
Governor Charles S. Whitman 295,471 Merton E. Lewis 118,879
Lieutenant Governor Edward Schoeneck William M. Bennett Seth G. Heacock
Secretary of State Francis M. Hugo 354,066 (unopposed)
Comptroller Eugene M. Travis Samuel Frazer John Kissel
Attorney General Charles D. Newton Alfred L. Becker
Treasurer James L. Wells Theodore T. Baylor
State Engineer Frank M. Williams 342,571 (unopposed)

Democratic primary[edit]

1918 Democratic primary results
Governor Alfred E. Smith 199,752 William Church Osborn 32,761
Lieutenant Governor Harry C. Walker (unopposed)
Secretary of State Franklin E. Bard (unopposed)
Comptroller Bird S. Coler (unopposed)
Attorney General Charles Morschauser (unopposed)
Treasurer Jacob G. Cohen (unopposed)
State Engineer Dwight B. LaDu (unopposed)

Prohibition primary[edit]

The Prohibition state conference in July had designated State Chairman Olin S. Bishop to run in the primary for Governor, but on August 31 the enrolled party members received a circular from Bishop urging them to vote for the incumbent Republican Governor Charles S. Whitman by writing his name in the ballot. The friends of the incumbent Republican Comptroller Eugene M. Travis gathered enough signatures to put him on the Prohibition primary ballot, and the regular candidate Claude V. Stowell also urged the party members to vote for Travis.[1]

1918 Prohibition primary results
Governor Charles S. Whitman Olin S. Bishop
Lieutenant Governor Mamie W. Colvin (unopposed)
Secretary of State Ella L. McCarthy (unopposed)
Comptroller Eugene M. Travis Claude V. Stowell[2]
Attorney General Clarence Z. Spriggs (unopposed)
Treasurer George B. Humphrey (unopposed)
State Engineer David B. Passage (unopposed)

All the Socialist candidates were nominated unopposed in the Socialist primary.


The Democratic candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor were elected with the remainder of the Republican ticket.

The incumbents Whitman and Schoeneck were defeated. The incumbents Hugo, Travis, Wells and Williams were re-elected.

1918 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Republican ticket Socialist ticket Prohibition ticket Socialist Labor ticket
Governor Alfred E. Smith 1,009,936 Charles S. Whitman 956,034 Charles W. Ervin[3] 121,705 Charles S. Whitman 38,794 Olive M. Johnson 5,183
Lieutenant Governor Harry C. Walker 965,471 Edward Schoeneck 930,066 Ella Reeve Bloor 130,206 Mamie W. Colvin 48,142 August Gillhaus 5,605
Secretary of State Franklin E. Bard 886,306 Francis M. Hugo 1,004,526 Jessie W. Hughan 134,520 Ella L. McCarthy 40,072 Edmund Moonelis[4] 5,405
Comptroller Bird S. Coler 909,255 Eugene M. Travis 1,007,483 James C. Sheahan 136,680 Eugene M. Travis Charles E. Berns[5] 5996
Attorney General Charles Morschauser 878,309 Charles D. Newton 990,863 Hezekiah D. Wilcox[6] 136,992 Clarence Z. Spriggs[7] 43,229 John Donahue 6,929
Treasurer Jacob G. Cohen 839,777 James L. Wells 1,028,752 Charles W. Noonan[8] 137,823 George B. Humphrey 44,606 Nadina Kavinoky 5,268
State Engineer Dwight B. LaDu 865,573 Frank M. Williams 991,521 Raymond Wilcox 138,566 David B. Passage 40,628 Joseph Galotta 5,667


  • "Blank, void and scattering" votes: 61,052 (Governor)
  • The number for Travis is total on Republican and Prohibition tickets. The votes given for Governor were used to define the ballot access, and are given separately.[9]


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