1918 Oklahoma gubernatorial election

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1918 Oklahoma gubernatorial election

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  JBA Robertson 1920.jpg No image.svg
Nominee James B. A. Robertson Horace G. McKeever
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 104,132 82,865
Percentage 53.5% 42.6%

Governor before election

Robert L. Williams

Elected Governor

James B. A. Robertson

The Oklahoma gubernatorial election of 1918 was held on November 5, 1918, and was a race for the Governor of Oklahoma. Democrat James B. A. Robertson defeated Republican Horace G. McKeever. Also on the ballot was Patrick S. Nagle of the Socialist Party. [1]

Democratic primary[edit]

James B. A. Robertson, a former judge who had lost in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 1914, defeated six other candidates to win the nomination, including future governor 'Alfalfa Bill' Murray.

Primary Results[edit]

Democratic primary results[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic J. B. A. Robertson 48,568 45.0
Democratic Wm. H. Murray 24,283 22.5
Democratic W. L. Alexander 22,670 21.0
Democratic Frank M. Gault 4,904 4.5
Democratic W. A. Durant 4,164 3.8
Democratic Frank P. Davis 2,030 1.8
Democratic J. O. McCollister 1,300 1.2
Total votes 107,919 100.00

Republican primary[edit]

In a race where all five candidates achieved significant vote percentages, Horace G. McKeever came out on top.


Republican primary results [3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Horace G. McKeever 14,950 36.1
Republican John Golobie 9,076 21.9
Republican U. S. Stone 8,161 19.7
Republican J. T. Dickerson 6,260 15.1
Republican John M. Claypool 2,957 7.1
Total votes 41,404 100.00


1918 gubernatorial election, Oklahoma
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic J. B. A. Robertson 104,132 53.5
Republican Horace G. McKeever 82,865 42.6
Socialist Patrick S. Nagle 7,438 3.8
Democratic hold Swing