1918 Portuguese presidential election

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Portuguese presidential election of 1918

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  João do Canto e Castro - Ilustração Portuguesa 23DEZ1918 Tomás António Garcia Rosado
Candidate João do Canto e Castro Silva Antunes Júnior Tomás António Garcia Rosado
Party Portuguese Republican Party Nonpartisan
Popular vote 138 0
Percentage 99.2% 0.00%

President before election

Sidónio Pais
Portuguese Republican Party

Elected President

João do Canto e Castro
Portuguese Republican Party

Presidential elections were held in Portugal on 16 December 1918. Following Portugal's 1911 constitution, the Congress of the Republic must elect the president in Lisbon instead of the Portuguese people.[1]

The election was held two days after the assassination of the Portuguese president Sidónio Pais on 14 December 1918. There were a total of 4 candidates, 3 from the Republican Party (Portugal) and 1 from the Independent Party. Republican João do Canto e Castro won against his opponents and he was elected as the new President of Portugal succeeding the late Sidónio Pais.

José Relvas (Republican)


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Portuguese Presidential Election of 1918 - Results (16 December)
Candidates Supporting parties Votes %
João do Canto e Castro Republican Party 138 99.2
José Carlos de Mascarenhas Relvas Republican Party 0 0
Basílio Teles Republican Party 0 0
Tomás António Garcia Rosado Independent 0 0
Total Vote (turnout % with 1 blank vote)
138 100.00
1st ballot
João do Canto e Castro
José Relvas
Basílio Teles
Tomás António Rosado
2nd ballot
João do Canto e Castro


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