1920 Minnesota lieutenant gubernatorial election

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Minnesota lieutenant gubernatorial election, 1920

← 1918 November 2, 1920 1922 →
  George H. Mallon - WWI Medal of Honor recipient (cropped).jpg
Nominee Louis L. Collins George H. Mallon James P. McDonnell
Party Republican Independent DFL
Popular vote 432,226 224,601 79,414
Percentage 57.36% 29.81% 10.54%

Lieutenant Governor before election

Thomas Frankson

Elected Lieutenant Governor

Louis L. Collins

The 1920 Minnesota lieutenant gubernatorial election took place on November 2, 1920. Republican Party of Minnesota candidate Louis L. Collins defeated Independent challenger George H. Mallon and Minnesota Democratic Party candidate James P. McDonnell.

Captain Mallon was the nominee of the young Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party. However, the Farmer-Labor nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the general election of 1920 were unable to use the Farmer-Labor party designation and ran as Independents instead.

Also among the defeated candidates was Lillian Friedman of the Socialist Party of Minnesota, who was the first woman ever to be nominated for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, and the final nominee of the Socialist Party for that office. The 1920 general election—the first held since the ratification of the 19th Amendment—also saw the first nomination of a woman for the office of Minnesota Secretary of State: Lily J. Anderson of the Farmer-Labor Party.


1920 Lieutenant Gubernatorial Election, Minnesota
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Louis L. Collins 432,226 57.36% -1.04%
Independent George H. Mallon 272,669 29.81% n/a
DFL James P. McDonnell 79,414 10.54% -18.04%
Socialist Lillian Friedman 10,629 1.41% n/a
National C. H. Hubbell 6,695 0.89% -12.13%
Majority 159,557 27.55%
Turnout 753,565
Republican hold Swing

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