1920 United States Senate election in Arizona

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United States Senate election in Arizona, 1920

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  Senator Ralph Cameron.jpg Marcus Aurelius Smith.jpg
Nominee Ralph H. Cameron Marcus A. Smith
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 35,893 29,169
Percentage 55.17% 44.83%

U.S. Senator before election

Marcus A. Smith

Elected U.S. Senator

Ralph H. Cameron

The 1920 United States Senate elections in Arizona took place on November 2, 1920. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Marcus A. Smith ran for reelection to a third term, but was defeated by former Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives from the Arizona Territory Ralph H. Cameron in the general election. Cameron would become the first Republican elected to the office of U.S. Senator from Arizona since the state joined the union in 1912. The same year, Republican Governor Thomas Edward Campbell was reelected to a second term.

Democratic primary[edit]

The Democratic primary took place on September 8, 1920. Incumbent U.S. Senator Marcus A. Smith was the recipient of a significant challenge in the Democratic primary, notably by Maricopa County Superior Court judge Rawghlie Clement Stanford, who would go on to become Arizona's fifth Governor in 1937. Fellow lawyer Albinus A. Worsley, as well as John W. Norton also ran in the primary. Smith narrowly staved off his primary challengers and went on to compete in the general election in November.



Democratic primary results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Marcus A. Smith 10,910 37.07%
Democratic Rawghlie Clement Stanford 8,400 28.54%
Democratic Albinus A. Worsley 7,474 25.39%
Democratic John W. Norton 2,651 9.01%
Total votes 29,435 100.00

Republican primary[edit]



Republican primary results[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ralph H. Cameron 4,587 40.65%
Republican Elias S. Clark 3,941 34.92%
Republican Thomas Maddock 2,194 19.44%
Republican Edward Robinson 563 4.99%
Total votes 11,285 100.00

General election[edit]

United States Senate election in Arizona, 1920[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Ralph H. Cameron 35,893 55.17%
Democratic Marcus A. Smith 29,169 44.83%
Majority 6,724 10.34%
Turnout 65,062
Republican gain from Democratic Swing

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