1922 United States Senate elections in Pennsylvania

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United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 1922

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  David Aiken Reed.jpg
Nominee David A. Reed Samuel E. Shull William J. Burke
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Popular vote 802,146 434,583 127,180
Percentage 55.6% 30.1% 8.8%

Pennsylvania Senatorial Election Results by County, 1922.svg
County results*
*Note: This map and the results above are representative of the regular general election, not the special election, the results of which may be found to the left.

U.S. Senator before election

David A. Reed

Elected U.S. Senator

David A. Reed

The 1922 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania was held on November 7, 1922. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator David A. Reed, who was appointed in August 1922 to fill the vacancy created by the death of William E. Crow, was elected both to complete the remainder of Crow's term, ending in March 1923, and to a full six-year term in his own right, beginning upon the expiration of Crow's term.[1]

Major candidates[edit]




Term ending in March 1923 (special)[edit]

General election results*[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican David A. Reed (inc.) 860,483 86.17% +29.86%
Prohibition Rachel C. Robinson 60,390 6.05% +3.56%
Socialist William J. Van Essen 55,703 5.58% +1.82%
Single Tax Thomas J. Davis 21,997 2.20% +2.08%
N/A Other 287 0.00% N/A
Totals 998,860 100.00%

*Note: A special election was held on the same day as the general election to elect a candidate to complete the remainder of Crow's term.[1]

Term beginning in March 1923[edit]

General election results[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican David A. Reed (inc.) 802,146 55.61% -0.70%
Democratic Samuel E. Shull 434,583 30.13% -7.12%
Progressive William J. Burke 127,180 8.82% +8.82%
Prohibition Rachel C. Robinson 41,935 2.91% +0.42%
Socialist Charles Sehl 33,004 2.29% -1.47%
Single Tax Charles J. Schoales 3,596 0.25% +0.13%
N/A Other 41 0.00% N/A
Totals 1,442,485 100.00%

†Note: These are the results of the regularly scheduled general election for the term beginning upon the expiration of Crow's term in March 1923.[1]


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