1934 Big Ten Conference football season

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1934 Big Ten Conference football season
Number of teams10
Runners-upOhio State
Season MVPPug Lund
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1934 Big Ten football standings
Conf     Overall
Team W   L   T     W   L   T
#1 Minnesota $ 5 0 0     8 0 0
#8 Ohio State 5 1 0     7 1 0
#4 Illinois 4 1 0     7 1 0
Purdue 3 1 0     5 3 0
Wisconsin 2 3 0     4 4 0
Northwestern 2 3 0     3 5 0
Chicago 2 4 0     4 4 0
Indiana 1 3 1     3 3 2
Iowa 1 3 1     2 5 1
Michigan 0 6 0     1 7 0
  • $ – Conference champion
Rankings from Dickinson System

The 1934 Big Ten Conference football season was the 39th season of college football played by the member schools of the Big Ten Conference (also known as the Western Conference) and was a part of the 1934 college football season.

The 1934 Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, under head coach Bernie Bierman, compiled an undefeated 8–0 record, won the Big Ten championship, led the conference in scoring offense (33.8 points per game), and was selected as the national champion by eight of the selectors recognized as official by the NCAA. Fullback Pug Lund received the Chicago Tribune Silver Football as the most valuable player of the Big Ten. Three Minnesota players were selected as consensus first-team All-Americans: Lund, end Frank Larson, and guard Bill Bevan.

The 1934 Illinois Fighting Illini football team, under head coach Robert Zuppke, compiled a 7–1 record and was ranked No. 4 under the Dickinson System. The lone setback was a 7-3 loss at Wisconsin. Halfback Bud Lindberg was selected as the team's most valuable player. Quarterback Jack Beynon was selected as a first-team All-Big Ten player.

The 1934 Ohio State Buckeyes football team, in the program's first year under Francis Schmidt, compiled a 7–1 record, led the Big Ten in scoring defense (4.3 points allowed per game), and was ranked No. 8 under the Dickinson System. Guard Regis Monahan and end Merle Wendt were selected as first-team All-Americans.

Season overview[edit]

Results and team statistics[edit]

Conf. Rank Team Head coach Overall record Conf. record UP
1 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 8–0 5–0 #1 33.8 4.8 Pug Lund
2 Ohio State Francis Schmidt 7–1 5–1 #8 33.4 4.3 Gomer Jones
3 Illinois Robert Zuppke 7–1 4–1 #4 12.9 5.4 Bud Lindberg
4 Purdue Noble Kizer 5–3 3–1 NR 11.6 9.4 Duane Purvis
5 Wisconsin Clarence Spears 4–4 2–3 NR 6.0 10.5 Milt Kummer
6 Northwestern Dick Hanley 3–5 2–3 NR 8.0 15.0 Ed Whalen
7 Chicago Clark Shaughnessy 4–4 2–4 NR 14.1 13.3 Ell Patterson
8 Indiana Bo McMillin 3–3–2 1–3–1 NR 8.4 13.8 Don Veller
9 Iowa Ossie Solem 2–5–1 1–3–1 NR 12.3 19.1 Dick Crayne
10 Michigan Harry Kipke 1–7 0–6 NR 2.6 17.9 Gerald Ford

DS = Rankings from Dickinson System. See 1934 college football season
PPG = Average of points scored per game[1]
PAG = Average of points allowed per game[1]
MVP = Most valuable player as voted by players on each team as part of the voting process to determine the winner of the Chicago Tribune Silver Football trophy

Regular season[edit]

Bowl games[edit]

No Big Ten teams participated in any bowl games during the 1934 season.

All-Big Ten players[edit]

The following players were picked by the Associated Press (AP) and/or the United Press (UP) as first-team players on the 1934 All-Big Ten Conference football team.

Position Name Team Selectors
Quarterback Jack Beynon Illinois AP, UP
Halfback Jay Berwanger Chicago AP, UP
Halfback Duane Purvis Purdue AP, UP
Fullback Pug Lund Minnesota AP, UP
End Frank Larson Minnesota AP, UP
End Merle Wendt Ohio State AP
End Bob Tenner Minnesota UP
Tackle Phil Bengtson Minnesota AP, UP
Tackle Ed Widseth Minnesota AP
Tackle Chuck Galbreath Illinois UP
Guard Bill Bevan Minnesota AP, UP
Guard Regis Monahan Ohio State UP
Center Ellmore Patterson Chicago AP, UP


Two Big Ten players were selected as consensus first-team players on the 1934 College Football All-America Team. They were:

Position Name Team Selectors
Fullback Pug Lund Minnesota AAB, AP, COL, INS, LIB, NANA, TSN, UP, NYS, WCFF
End Frank Larson Minnesota AP, COL, NANA, NEA, TSN, CP, NYS
Guard Bill Bevan Minnesota COL, LIB, NANA, TSN, UP

Other Big Ten players received first-team honors from at least one selector. They were:

Position Name Team Selectors
Guard Regis Monahan Ohio State AAB, NEA, UP, CP, NYS [tackle], WCFF
Halfback Jay Berwanger Chicago AAB, WCFF
Halfback Duane Purvis Purdue TSN
End Merle Wendt Ohio State INS
Tackle Ed Widseth Minnesota INS
Center Ellmore Patterson Chicago LIB
Fullback Stan Kostka Minnesota NYS


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