1938 Alabama gubernatorial election

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Alabama gubernatorial election, 1938

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  Frank M. Dixon 1942 Auburn-3 (cropped).jpg No image.svg
Nominee Frank M. Dixon W. A. Clardy
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 115,761 16,513
Percentage 87.52% 12.48%

Governor before election

Bibb Graves

Elected Governor

Frank M. Dixon

The 1938 Alabama gubernatorial election took place on November 8, 1938, to elect the Governor of Alabama. Democratic incumbent Bibb Graves was term-limited, and could not seek a second consecutive term.

Democratic primary[edit]

At the time this election took place, Alabama, as with most other southern states, was solidly Democratic, and the Republican Party had such diminished influence that the Democratic primary was the de facto contest for state offices; after winning the Democratic primary it was a given you would win the general election.



Alabama Democratic gubernatorial primary, 1938[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Frank M. Dixon 152,860 48.62
Democratic Chauncey Sparks 74,544 23.71
Democratic R. J. Goode 70,287 22.36
Democratic D. Hardy Riddle 15,478 4.92
Democratic James H. Arnold 1,201 0.38
Total votes 314,370 100


Alabama gubernatorial election, 1938[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Frank M. Dixon 115,761 87.52
Republican W. A. Clardy 16,513 12.48
Total votes 132,274 100.00
Democratic hold


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