1946 United States Senate election in Connecticut

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1946 United States Senate election in Connecticut

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  Raymond Earl Baldwin.jpg
Nominee Raymond E. Baldwin Joseph M. Tone
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 381,328 276,424
Percentage 55.84% 40.48%

U.S. Senator before election

Thomas C. Hart

Elected U.S. Senator

Raymond E. Baldwin

The United States Senate election of 1946 in Connecticut was held on November 5, 1946.

In the previous election, Francis T. Maloney had been re-elected to the seat; however, Maloney died on January 16, 1945. Former Admiral Thomas C. Hart was appointed to serve in his place as Senator; Hart did not stand for election.

Republican Party (US) Candidate Raymond E. Baldwin, the incumbent governor of the state, defeated his principal opponent, Democratic Party candidate, Joseph M. Tone, who had been an Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Franklin Roosevelt.

Senator Hart resigned on November 5, 1946, and Baldwin assumed the seat on December 27, 1946. Senator Baldwin resigned in December, 1949 to become a justice of Connecticut's Supreme Court of Errors.


United States Senate election in Connecticut, 1946[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Raymond E. Baldwin 381,328 55.84%
Democratic Joseph M. Tone 276,424 40.48%
Socialist Frederick C. Smedley 22,012 3.22%
Socialist Labor John W. Aiken 3,156 0,46%
Majority 104,904 29.32%
Turnout 682,920
Swing to Republican from Democratic Swing