1948 Arizona gubernatorial election

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1948 Arizona gubernatorial election

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  Dan E. Garvey (Arizona Governor).jpg No image.svg
Nominee Dan Edward Garvey Bruce Brockett
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 104,008 70,419
Percentage 59.17% 40.06%

Governor before election

Dan Edward Garvey

Elected Governor

Dan Edward Garvey

The 1948 Arizona gubernatorial election took place on November 2, 1948. Following the death of Governor Sidney Preston Osborn while in office, Dan Edward Garvey, who was serving as Secretary of State of Arizona was ascended to the position of governor, and thus ran for a full term. Facing a crowded primary field, Garvey emerged successful as the Democratic party's nominee.

Dan Edward Garvey was challenged by Republican Bruce Brockett in the general election, who had run in 1946 against Osborn, and had previously signaled a shift in voters becoming more Republican, outperforming their past electoral failures significantly.[1] Despite this, Garvey was elected to a full term, and was sworn in on January 4, 1949.

Democratic primary[edit]


  • Dan Edward Garvey, incumbent Governor (ascended to Governor following the death of Sidney P. Osborn)
  • Richard F. Harless, U.S. Congressman
  • Jim Smith
  • J. Melvin Goodson, state representative
  • Thad M. Moore, Arizona State Tax Commission
  • Marvin E. Smith, state senator
  • Howard Sprouse, state senator


Democratic primary results[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dan Edward Garvey 34,756 28.04%
Democratic Richard F. Harless 25,084 20.23%
Democratic Jim Smith 19,723 15.91%
Democratic J. Melvin Goodson 19,478 15.71%
Democratic Thad M. Moore 13,091 10.56%
Democratic Marvin E. Smith 11,219 9.05%
Democratic Howard Sprouse 616 0.50%
Total votes 123,967 100.00

Republican primary[edit]


  • Bruce Brockett, cattleman and Republican nominee for governor in 1946
  • William R. Bourden, state legislator


Republican primary results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Bruce Brockett 10,562 58.17%
Republican William R. Bourden 7,595 41.83%
Total votes 18,157 100.00

General election[edit]

Arizona gubernatorial election, 1948[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Dan Edward Garvey 104,008 59.17%
Republican Bruce Brockett 70,419 40.06%
Prohibition Ernest Fohle 1,340 0.76%
Majority 33,589 19.11%
Turnout 175,767
Democratic gain from Republican Swing


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