1949 Boston mayoral election

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Boston mayoral election, 1949

← 1945 November 8, 1949 1951 →
  John B Hynes of Boston USA 10926270034 (1).jpg James Michael Curley (1).jpg 3x4.svg
Candidate John B. Hynes James Michael Curley Patrick J. McDonough
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 137,930 126,000 22,230
Percentage 46.44% 40.40% 7.49%

Mayor before election

James Michael Curley

Elected Mayor

John B. Hynes

The Boston mayoral election of 1949 occurred on Tuesday, November 8, 1949, between incumbent Mayor of Boston James Michael Curley, city clerk and former acting mayor John B. Hynes, and three other candidates. Hynes was elected to his first term.

Boston voters also approved changing the structure of future mayoral contests to include a preliminary election, to select two final candidates in advance of each general election.[1] The first such election was set for 1951, meaning that Hynes would only serve a two-year term, rather than a four-year term.[1]

Hynes was inaugurated on Monday, January 2, 1950.[2]



Candidates General Election[3]
Votes %
John B. Hynes 137,930 46.44
James Michael Curley (incumbent) 126,000 40.40
Patrick J. McDonough 22,230 7.49
George F. Oakes 7,171 2.41
Walter A. O'Brien 3,659 1.23

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