1957 United States Senate elections

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Democrat William Proxmire won a special election to fill the vacancy created by the death of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI). Also, Price Daniel (D-TX) left the Senate to become governor of Texas, and Democrat Ralph Yarborough won a special election for that Senate seat. The net result was to leave the party balance unchanged.

Elections during the 85th Congress[edit]

In these elections, the winners were elected in 1957 after January 3; ordered by election date.

State Incumbent Results Candidates
Senator Party Electoral history
(Class 1)
William A. Blakley Democratic 1957 (Appointed) Interim appointee retired when successor elected.
Winner elected April 28, 1957.
Democratic hold.
(Class 1)
Joseph McCarthy Republican 1946
Incumbent died May 2, 1957.
Winner elected August 28, 1957.
Democratic gain.


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