1968 Malian coup d'état

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1968 Malian coup d'état
Location Mali AU Africa.svg
DateNovember 19, 1968

Coup succeeds

Mali Government of Mali Army faction
Commanders and leaders
Modibo Keïta Moussa Traoré

The 1968 Malian coup d'état was a bloodless military coup in Mali staged on 19 November 1968 against the government of President Modibo Keïta.[1][2] The coup was led by Lieutenant (later Major General) Moussa Traoré, who then became the head of state as Chairman of the Military Committee for National Liberation (and President in 1979) and ruled the country until he was deposed in the 1991 coup d'état.[1] The immediate causes for the coup were overwhelming financial and economic problems, made worse by an especially poor harvest in 1968.[2]


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