1977 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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1977 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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All 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly
  First party Second party
  MG Ramachandran 2017 stamp of India.jpg Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi.jpg
Leader M. G. Ramachandran M. Karunanidhi
Alliance AIADMK Alliance N/A
Leader's seat Aruppukottai Anna Nagar
Seats won 144 48
Seat change Increase142 Decrease136
Popular vote 5,734,692 4,258,771
Percentage 33.52% 24.89%
Swing n/a Decrease23.69%

  Third party Fourth party
  GK Moopanar 2010 stamp of India.jpg
Leader G. K. Moopanar P. Ramachandran
Party INC Janata Party
Alliance INC+ N/A
Leader's seat did not contest did not contest
Seats won 32 10
Seat change Increase24 Increase10
Popular vote 3,491,390 2,851,884
Percentage 20.40% 16.67%
Swing n/a n/a

1977 tamil nadu legislative election map.png
1977 election map (by constituencies)

Chief Minister before election

President's rule

Chief Minister

M. G. Ramachandran

The sixth legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu was held on June 10, 1977. Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) won the election defeating its rival Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). M. G. Ramachandran (MGR), the ADMK founder and a leading Tamil film actor, was sworn in as Chief Minister for the first time. The election was a four cornered contest between the ADMK, DMK, the Indian National Congress (INC) and the Janata Party. Earlier in 1972, MGR had founded the ADMK following his expulsion from the DMK after differences arose between him and DMK leader M. Karunanidhi. On 31 January 1976, Karunanidhi's government was dismissed by the central government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi citing non co-operation for MISA and President's rule was imposed on the state. Karunanidhi had been at odds with Indira Gandhi over his opposition to Emergency and allied with Janata Party founded by Jayaprakash Narayan. Meanwhile, MGR had developed a close relationship with Indira Gandhi and supported the Emergency. MGR remained as Chief Minister until his death in 1987, winning the next two elections held in 1980 and 1984.


Split in Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam[edit]

DMK gradually weakened in the years after the previous election due to several splits caused by the exit of many influential leaders including MGR. The popularity of the party was further undermined by widespread false corruption allegations which was purposely aired by MGR who was in close relationship with Indian National Congress (INC). Cracks began to appear in Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam before 1971 election. K. A. Mathiazhagan was removed from office of the minister of Finance as he was considered a serious threat to Karunanidhi's leadership. Sathyavani Muthu, an influential dalit leader left the party in 1972 citing lack of concern for dalit issues within the party and formed Thazhthapattor Munnetra Kazhagam. MGR was expelled on October 10, 1972, in a disciplinary action for his attacks against party leadership for alleged corruption and dictatorial behaviour. He formed a new party Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. ADMK won the Dindigul by-election held in 1973.[1] V. R. Nedunchezhiyan along with some senior party leaders left Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in March 1977 to form Makkal Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.[2]


Emergency, which was declared in June 1975 had a mixed reception in Tamil Nadu. Jayaprakash Narayan's opposition movement did not receive much support in Tamil Nadu due to his association with the DMK government, which had its own trouble due to accusations of corruption. K. Kamaraj did not come in support of Jayaprakash Narayan due to his association with DMK despite the fact he disapproved of Indira Gandhi's actions. DMK executive council called the Emergency unnecessary and undemocratic on June 27 and party leaders condemned it in several statewide meetings. Emergency regulations and censorship were not strictly enforced in Tamil Nadu unlike in other states. Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and Communist Party of India continued to support Indira Gandhi. M. G. Ramachandran even visited Delhi to extend his support to Indira Gandhi. It was under these circumstances Karunanidhi's government was dismissed by the Government of India on January 31, 1976.[1]

Death of Kamaraj and Rajaji[edit]

Kamaraj, leader of Indian National Congress (Organisation), who remarked in 1972, "Randu Katchigalum Orey Kuttaiyil Oorina Mattaigal (both parties, the DMK and the AIADMK, are like fronds dipped in the same bog or tarred by the same brush)."[3] died in 1975. Indian National Congress (Indira) faction could not establish a foothold in Tamil Nadu until his death. After his death, Indian National Congress (Organisation) lost its identity as a party, and a large number of its members led by G. K. Moopanar merged with Indira Congress.[4] The remaining chose not to join with Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, but rather joined the Janata Party and later remained largely uncommitted.[5] Swatantra Party lost much of its power after the death of C. Rajagopalachari in 1972 and did not contest the election. Most of its members joined the newly formed Janata Party.[6]


This election was a four cornered contest. The ADMK allied itself with the Communist Party of India (Marxist), while INC(I) and Communist Party of India (CPI) contested as allies. The DMK and Janata Party (JNP) contested the elections alone. The ADMK did not field any candidate in the Usilampatti Constituency in support of the Forward Bloc leader P.K. Mookiah Thevar. Similarly the ADMK also supported the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) candidate M. Abdul Latheef in the Vaniyambadi Constituency. In the parliamentary elections that occurred just three months prior to this elections, there had been two major alliances – the ADMK led ADMK-INC-CPI coalition and the DMK led DMK-NCO-JNP-CPM coalition. But in the months that followed the parliamentary election, these coalitions fell apart.[7]

Seat allotments[edit]


Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam M. Karunanidhi 230

AIADMK Front[edit]

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam M.G. Ramachandran 200
2. Communist Party of India (Marxist) G. Ramakrishnan 20
3. All India Forward Bloc P.K. Mookiah Thevar 1
Unregistered party, whose candidate ran as an independent
4. Indian Union Muslim League Khader Mohideen 1

†: Forward Bloc contested in 6 different constituencies, but only the Usilampatti constituency contested by P.K.M. Thevar was supported by ADMK

Congress Front[edit]

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Indian National Congress G.K. Moopanar 198
2. Communist Party of India Tha. Pandian 32

Janata Party[edit]

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Janata Party P. Ramachandran 233

Voting and results[edit]

Polling for the election was held on 10 June 1977. Turnout among the eligible voters was 61.58%.

Results by Pre-Poll Alliance[edit]

Election map of results based on parties. Colours are based on the results table on the left
e • d Summary of the 1977 June Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election results
Sources: Election Commission of India [8]
Alliance/Party Seats won Change Popular Vote Vote % Adj. %
AIADMK+ alliance 144 +142 5,734,692 33.5%
ADK 130 +130 5,194,876 30.4% 35.4%
CPI(M) 12 +12 477,835 2.8% 33.0%
FBL 1 35,361 0.2% 62.0%
IND 1 26,620 0.2% 42.9%
DMK 48 -136 4,258,771 24.9%
DMK 48 -136 4,258,771 24.9% 25.3%
Congress alliance 32 +24 3,491,490 20.4%
INC 27 +27 2,994,535 17.5% 20.8%
CPI 5 -3 496,955 2.9% 20.4%
Janata 10 +10 2,851,884 16.7%
JNP 10 +10 2,851,884 16.7% 16.8%
Others 1 -7 751,712 4.4%
IND 1 -7 751,712 4.4%
Total 234 17,108,146 100%

: Vote % reflects the percentage of votes the party received compared to the entire electorate that voted in this election. Adjusted (Adj.) Vote %, reflects the % of votes the party received per constituency that they contested.

Constituency wise results[edit]

List of winners and runners-up by constituency
No. Assembly Constituency Winner Party Runner-up Party Margin
1. Royapuram Ponnurangam DMK M. Raji ADMK 1,591
2. Harbour A. Selvarajan DMK M. M. Peer Mohammad IND 5,983
3. Radhakrishnan Nagar Isari Velan ADMK R. D. Seethapathy DMK 1,488
4. Park Town T.S. Nallathambi DMK N. G. Bhuvaneshwari JNP 3,226
5. Perambur (SC) S. Baalan DMK T. Raja ADMK 13,468
6. Purasawalkam K. Anbazhagan DMK T. S. Govindaswamy JNP 19,069
7. Egmore (SC) S.Manimudi DMK K. Deivasigamoni ADMK 7,332
8. Anna Nagar M. Karunanidhi DMK G. Krishnamurthy ADMK 16,438
9. T. Nagar R. E. Chandran Jayapal DMK K. Krishnamoorthy ADMK 1,030
10. Thousand lights S.J. Sadiq Pasha DMK Syed Khaleefa Thullah IND 4,858
11. Chepauk A. Rahman Khan DMK V. Rajkumar ADMK 6,629
12. Triplicane M. Aranganathan DMK Noorjahan Razack ADMK 2,127
13. Mylapore T. K. Kapali DMK Lakshmi Krishnamurthi JNP 4,906
14. Saidapet D. Purushothaman DMK N. Kannan ADMK 5,278
15. Gummidipundi S. Munirathinam ADMK G. Kamalambujammal JNP 11,267
16. Ponneri (SC) S. M. Dorairaj ADMK G. Vetriveeran DMK 11,272
17. Thiruvottiyur P. Sigamony ADMK M. V. Narayanaswamy DMK 2,463
18. Villivakkam K. Suppu DMK R. Sarweshwar Rao ADMK 7,898
19. Alandur K. M. Abdul Razack ADMK M. Abiraham DMK 3,849
20. Tambaram Munu Adhi ADMK Pammal Nallathambi DMK 426
21. Tirupporur (SC) G. Chokkalingam DMK T. Radha ADMK 2,101
22. Chengalpattu Anoor Jagadeesan ADMK V. Rudrakotti DMK 3,870
23. Maduranthakam C. Arumugam DMK S. D. Ugamchand INC 7,332
24. Acharapakkam (SC) Ethraj ADMK N. Muthuvel DMK 2,797
25. Uthiramerur S. Pakkur Subramanyan ADMK K. M. Rajagopal DMK 12,583
26. Kancheepuram K. Balaji ADMK V. Sambandan DMK 1,947
27. Sriperumbudur (SC) N. Krishnan ADMK T. S. Lakshmanan DMK 8,137
28. Poonamallee D. Irajarathnam DMK Era. Kulasekaran ADMK 4,893
29. Tiruvallur S. Pattabiraman ADMK Munirathinam Naidu JNP 8,302
30. Tiruttani R. Shanmugham ADMK A. B. Ramachandran DMK 10,316
31. Pallipet Eakambara Reddy INC K. M. Balaraman ADMK 4,286
32. Arakkonam (SC) V. K. Raju ADMK A. Kannayiram DMK 7,589
33. Sholinghur S. J. Ramaswamy ADMK K. Murthi DMK 5,649
34. Ranipet Durai Murugan DMK K. A. Wahab IND 15,297
35. Arcot K. J. Uyyakondan ADMK N. R. Ethirajulu JNP 10,579
36. Katpadi M. A. Jayavelu ADMK Sambasivam DMK 4,690
37. Gudiyatham V. K. Kothandaraman CPM Soundarajulu Naidu JNP 2,544
38. Pernambut (SC) I. Tamilarasan ADMK P. Rajagopal JNP 3,663
39. Vaniyambadi M. Abdul Latheef IND R. Sampanghi DMK 8,734
40. Natrampalli T. Anbazhagan ADMK M. Marappan DMK 16,055
41. Tiruppattur B. Sundaram DMK K. Jayaraman ADMK 998
42. Chengam (SC) T. Swamikannu ADMK N. Poosanar DMK 10,912
43. Thandarambattu D. Venugopal DMK A. Ramalingam ADMK 6,944
44. Tiruvannamalai P. U. Shanmugam DMK D. Pattusamy INC 1,362
45. Kalasapakkam P. S. Thiruvengadam DMK S. Sundaresa Udayar ADMK 1,543
46. Polur K. J. Subramanian ADMK S. Murugaiyan DMK 2,729
47. Anaicut R. Margabandhu ADMK P. M. Vasudeva Reddiar JNP 18,585
48. Vellore A. K. Ranganathan ADMK A. K. Lalalajapathy JNP 832
49. Arni V. Arjunan ADMK E. Selvarasu DMK 9,222
50. Cheyyar Pulavar Govindan DMK K. Shanmughasundaram ADMK 11,919
51. Vandavasi (SC) P. Munuswamy ADMK C. Kanniappan DMK 1,830
52. Pernamallur P. Chandran ADMK P. Ettappan DMK 8,038
53. Melmalayanur P. Thangavelu Gounder ADMK S. Vijayaraghavan DMK 13,563
54. Gingee Gingee N. Ramachandran DMK G. Krishnaswamy ADMK 3,590
55. Tindivanam T. R. Erajaram Reddy INC R. Radhakrishnan JNP 1,840
56. Vanur (SC) M. Paramasivam DMK A. Boopalan ADMK 1,973
57. Kandamangalam (SC) M. Kannan ADMK S. Alagavelu DMK 2,054
58. Villupuram P. Krishnan ADMK K. P. Palaniappan DMK 2,699
59. Mugaiyur G. Rangothaman ADMK M. Shanmugam DMK 13,283
60. Thirunavalur L. Arumugam ADMK V. Subramanaian DMK 4,955
61. Ulundurpet (SC) V. Thulukkanam DMK Sathyavani Muthu ADMK 7,577
62. Nellikuppam C. Govindarajan CPM V. Krishnamoorthy DMK 4,817
63. Cuddalore K. Abdul Latheef ADMK R. Govindarajan DMK 1,827
64. Panruti S. Ramachandaran ADMK K. Nandagopala Krishnan JNP 15,657
65. Kurinjipadi M. Selvaraj DMK S. Natarajan CPM 2,526
66. Bhuvanagiri V. Raghuraman DMK T. M. D. Mahalingam JNP 4,288
67. Kattumannarkoil (SC) E. Ramalingam DMK R. Rajan ADMK 6,047
68. Chidambaram Durai Kaliyamoorthy DMK Muthu Govindarajan ADMK 3,331
69. Vridachalam C. Ramanathan ADMK K. Ramalingam DMK 12,107
70. Mangalore M. Periyasamy ADMK V. Ponnuswamy DMK 13,255
71. Rishivandiyam M. Sundaram INC M. Deivigam ADMK 4,052
72. Chinnasalem M. Subdramaniam ADMK S. P. Pachayappan DMK 3,223
73. Sankarapuram Durai Muthusamy INC M. Mohammad Haneed ADMK 2,708
74. Hosur N. Ramachandra Reddy INC K. S. Kothandaramiah JNP 17,615
75. Thalli D. R. Rajaram Naidu INC B. venkataswamy JNP 5,171
76. Kaveripattinam K. Samarasam ADMK E. Pattabi Naidu JNP 6,458
77. Krishnagiri K. R. Chinnarassu ADMK T. M. Thiruppathy JNP 4,712
78. Bargur H. G. Arumugam ADMK V. C. Thimmarayan DMK 13,392
79. Harur (SC) M. Annamalai CPM K. Surattaiyan JNP 7,572
80. Morappur N. Kuppusamy ADMK R. P. Murugan DMK 1,616
81. Palacode B. M. Krishnan ADMK K. T. Govindan JNP 4,258
82. Dharmapuri P. K. C. Muthusamy JNP D. S. Shanmugam ADMK 5,186
83. Pennagaram K. Appunu Gounder JNP Krishnan ADMK 659
84. Mettur K. P. Nachimuthu Gounder ADMK P. Natesan INC 16,786
85. Taramangalam R. Narayanan INC S. Semmalai ADMK 19
86. Omalur M. Sivaperumal ADMK M. Govindan JNP 12,518
87. Yercaud (ST) R. Kaliyappan ADMK V. Chinnaswamy DMK 6,775
88. Salem – I S. V. Varadarajan ADMK S. S. Mahadeva Mudaliar JNP 8,662
89. Salem – II M. Arumugam JNP K. A. Thangavelu DMK 2,113
90. Veerapandi P. Venga Gounder ADMK M. Muthuswamy DMK 13,776
91. Panamarathupatti N. Subbarayan ADMK S. C. Kanjamalai DMK 13,198
92. Attur C. Palanimuthu INC P. Kandasamy ADMK 347
93. Talavasal (SC) S. M. Raju ADMK K. Kaliyaperumal INC 5,677
94. Rasipuram P. Duraisamy ADMK K. C. Periasamy DMK 14,388
95. Sendamangalam V. Chinnasamy ADMK Vadama Gounder INC 14,850
96. Namakkal (SC) R. Arunachalam ADMK K. Veluchamy DMK 14,737
97. Kapilamalai K. Sengodan ADMK S. Paramasivam JNP 11,396
98. Tiruchengode C. Ponnaiyan ADMK V. Kumaraswamy JNP 26,737
99. Sankari (SC) P. Dhanapal ADMK M. Paramanandam DMK 21,029
100. Edappadi I. Ganesan ADMK T. Natarajan INC 6,807
101. Mettupalayam S. Palanisamy ADMK T. T. S. Thippaiah JNP 5,312
102. Avanashi (SC) S. N. Palaniswamy INC R. Annanambi ADMK 1,747
103. Thondamuthur K. Maruthachalam ADMK R. Manickavachagam DMK 7,495
104. Singanallur R. Venkedusamy alias Venkedu CPM R. Senkaliappan JNP 1,796
105. Coimbatore (West) C. Aranganayagam ADMK B. S. Mohammad Ali DMK 7,349
106. Coimbatore (East) K. Ramani CPM K. Aranganathan DMK 2,019
107. Perur A. Natarajan DMK M. Nanjappan CPM 2,830
108. Kinathukadavu K. V. Kandasamy ADMK M. Kannappan DMK 5,320
109. Pollachi O. P. Somasundaram ADMK S. Raju DMK 16,944
110. Valparai (SC) R. S. Thangavelu ADMK A. T. Karuppiah CPI 4,685
111. Udumalpet P. Kolandaivelu ADMK U. K. P. Natarajan JNP 4,118
112. Dharapuram (SC) R. Ayyachamy ADMK A. K. Shivalingam INC 2,682
113. Vellakoil D. Ramaswamy INC M. Palanisamy DMK 10,320
114. Pongalur K. Nachimuthu ADMK S. R. Balasubramaniam INC 1,555
115. Palladam P. G. Kittu ADMK K. N. Kumarasamy INC 6,997
116. Tiruppur R. Manimaran ADMK A. Ganapathy CPI 14,415
117. Kangayam R. K. S. Dhanapandi ADMK M. Sivasabapathy DMK 13,167
118. Modakkurichi Subbulakshmi ADMK A. Ganeshamurthy DMK 22,872
119. Perundurai A. Ponnusamy ADMK N. K. Palanisamy CPI 6,042
120. Erode S. Muthusamy ADMK M. Subramanian DMK 17,579
121. Bhavani M. R. Soundarrajan ADMK G. Gurumoorthy JNP 3,976
122. Andhiyur (SC) P. Guruswamy ADMK A. Palani JNP 12,527
123. Gobichettipalayam N. K. K. Ramasamy ADMK N. R. Thiruvenkadam INC 6,412
124. Bhavanisagar V. K. Chinnaswamy ADMK Sampoornam Swaminathan DMK 1,447
125. Sathyamangalam K. A. Sengottaian ADMK C. R. Rajappa INC 1,506
126. Coonoor (SC) K. Rangasamy DMK C. Periasamy ADMK 9,499
127. Ootacamund B. Gopalan ADMK K. Karuppasamy DMK 129
128. Gudalur K. Hutchi Gowder DMK C. I. Allapitchai IND 360
129. Palani (SC) N. Palanivel CPM S. R. P. Mani INC 3,844
130. Oddanchatram A. P. Palaniappan INC K. Kuppuswamy ADMK 4,581
131. Periyakulam K. Pannai Sethuram ADMK R. Ramaiah INC 14,323
132. Theni V. R. Jayaraman ADMK S. Veluchamy DMK 16,573
133. Bodinayakkanur P. Ramadass ADMK K. S. M. Ramachandran INC 8,992
134. Cumbum R. Chandrasekharan ADMK N. Natarajan DMK 822
135. Andipatti K. Kandasamy ADMK N. V. Gurusamy JNP 8,042
136. Sedapatti R. Muthiah ADMK A. R. P. Alagarsamy INC 11,022
137. Thirumangalam P. T. Saraswathy ADMK N. S. V. Chithan INC 1,773
138. Usilampatti P. K. Mookiah Thevar FBL N. S. Ponniah INC 23,939
139. Nilakkottai (SC) A. Baluchamy ADMK M. Muthuperiasamy INC 18,497
140. Sholavandan V. Balaguruva Reddiar ADMK A. Chandrasekaran INC 6,513
141. Thirupparankundram K. Kalimuthu ADMK V. Palani Andi Ambalam INC 18,090
142. Madurai West T. P. M. Periyaswamy ADMK Pon. Muthuramalingam DMK 16,131
143. MAdurai Central N. Lakshminarayanan ADMK A. Rathinam INC 12,979
144. Madurai East N. Sankaraiah CPM A. G. Subbraman INC 1,985
145. Samayanallur (SC) S. Selvaraj ADMK C. Karuthanan INC 14,361
146. Melur A. M. Paramasivan ADMK K. V. Veeranambalam INC 156
147. Natham M. Andi Ambalam INC R. Murugan ADMK 7,962
148. Dindigul N. Varadharajan CPM V. S. Lakshmanan DMK 19,882
149. Athoor A. Vellaisamy ADMK A. M. T. Nachiappan DMK 17,652
150. Vedasandur S. M. Vasan ADMK S. Nanjunda Rao INC 1,854
151. Aravakkurichi S. Sadasivam INC P. Ramasamy DMK 11,034
152. Karur K. Vadivel ADMK S. Nallasamy DMK 11,592
153. Krishnarayapuram (SC) P. Soundarapandian ADMK P. N. Thangavelraj INC 594
154. Marungapuri K. Karunanidhi Muthiah INC A. P. Raju DMK 10,199
155. Kulittalai P. E. Srinivasa Reddiar INC S. Rasu ADMK 7,647
156. Thottiam K. P. Kathamuthu ADMK K. M. Shanmugasundaram INC 990
157. Uppiliapuram (ST) R. Periasamy INC M. Atchayagopal ADMK 5,706
158. Musiri P. Kothandaraman alias Musiri Putthan ADMK V. S. Periasamy DMK 14,002
159. Lalgudi K. N. Shanmugam ADMK R. Gandhirajan DMK 1,533
160. Perambalur (SC) S. V. Ramasamy ADMK K. S. Velusamy DMK 20,941
161. Varahur (SC) N. Perumal ADMK K. Kanagasabai DMK 12,104
162. Ariyalur T. Arumugam DMK Karuppiah alias Asokan ADMK 1,255
163. Andimadam T. Subramanian ADMK S. Sivasubramaniam DMK 14,829
164. Jayankondam V. Krunamurthy ADMK K. C. Ganesan DMK 11,712
165. Srirangam R. Soundararajan ADMK M. Dharmalingam DMK 5,065
166. Tiruchy – I C. Manickam ADMK A. V. Krishnamurthy DMK 2,311
167. Tiruchy – II K. Soundararajan ADMK M. S. Venkatachalam DMK 7,882
168. Thiruvarambur K. S. Murugesan DMK V. Swaminathan INC 852
169. Sirkazhi (SC) K. Subravelu DMK K. Balasubramaniam ADMK 4,876
170. Poompuhar S. Ganesan DMK G. Bharathi Mohan CPM 9,597
171. Mayuram N. Kittappa DMK M. M. S. Abdul Hassan INC 8,592
172. Kuttalam R. Rajamaniam DMK G. Veeraiyan CPM 8,263
173. Nannilam (SC) M. Manimaran DMK P. Jayaraj INC 9,109
174. Tiruvarur (SC) M. Karunanidhi Thazhai DMK P. S. Dhanuskody CPM 14,254
175. Nagapattinam R. Umanath CPM A. Ambalavanan DMK 710
176. Vedaranyam M. Meenakshisundaram DMK S. Devarajan INC 1,592
177. Thiruthuraipundi (SC) P. Uthirapathy CPI N. Kuppusamy DMK 18,274
178. Mannargudi M. Ambigapathy CPI K. Balakrishnan DMK 7,417
179. Pattukkottai A. R. Marimuthu INC V. R. K. Palaniappan ADMK 911
180. Peravurani M. R. Govindan ADMK M. Masilamani CPI 7,950
181. Orathanad T. M. Thailappan DMK N. Sivagnanam INC 5,710
182. Thiruvonam Durai Govindarajan ADMK Pulavar. T. Tholappan DMK 2,213
183. Thanjavur S. Natarajan DMK R. Saminathan ADMK 9,756
184. Tiruvaiyaru G. Elangovan DMK P. C. Palaniyandi ADMK 5,303
185. Papanasam R. V. Soundararajan INC S. Sachidanandam DMK 1,636
186. Valangiman (SC) A. Chellappa DMK P. Srinivasan ADMK 3,373
187. Kumbakonam S. R. Eradha ADMK O. Vadivelu Mazhavarayar INC 2,982
188. Thiruvidaimaruthur S. Ramalingam DMK K. Govindarajulu INC 1,815
189. Thirumayam N. Sundararaj INC P. Ponnambalam ADMK 57
190. Kolathur (SC) V. Chinniah INC T. Marimuthu ADMK 4,218
191. Pudukkottai Rajkumar Vijaya Raghunatha Thondaiman INC C. Anbarasan ADMK 17,054
192. Alangudi T. Pushparaju INC P. Thirumaran ADMK 10,575
193. Arantangi S. Thirunavukkarasu ADMK P. Appukutty CPI 10,940
194. Tiruppattur S. Shanmugham Koothagudi CPI C. T. Raja Chidambaram ADMK 341
195. Karaikudi P. Kaliyappan ADMK P. Chidambaram INC 240
196. Tiruvadanai KR. RM. Kariya Manickam Ambalam INC S. Anguchamy ADMK 3,736
197. Ilayangudi R. Sivasamy CPI V. Malaikannan DMK 790
198. Sivaganga O. Subramanian INC K. R. Muruganandam ADMK 2,429
199. Manamadurai (SC) V. M. Subramanian ADMK K. Paramalai INC 2,055
200. Paramakudi (SC) K. Ugrapandian ADMK K. Krishnan INC 3,946
201. Ramanathapuram T. Ramasamy ADMK S. K. Ganesan JNP 17,528
202. Kadaladi R. C. Subramanian ADMK A. Piravanathan DMK 13,391
203. Mudukulathur S. Balakrishnan INC V. Munisamy IND 2,865
204. Aruppukkottai M.G. Ramachandran ADMK M. Muthuvel Servai JNP 29,378
205. Sattur K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran ADMK M. Veerasamy INC 16,942
206. Virudhunagar M. Sundararajan ADMK A. S. A. Arumugam JNP 10,257
207. Sivakasi K. Ramasamy JNP Dharmar INC 1,772
208. Srivilliputhur R. Tamaraikani ADMK V. Vaikundam DMK 7,016
209. Rajapalayam (SC) K. Dhanuskodi ADMK K. Pottu Poattan INC 3,847
210. Vilathikulam R. K. Perumal ADMK K. Subba Reddiar INC 3,383
211. Ottapidaram (SC) O. S. Veluchami INC O. Thangaraj ADMK 5,828
212. Kovilpatti S. Alagarsamy CPI P. Seeniraj ADMK 397
213. Sankarankoil (SC) S. Subbiah DMK C. Ayyadorai ADMK 337
214. Vasudevanallur (SC) R. Krishnan CPM I. muthuraj CPI 4,044
215. Kadayanallur M. M. A. Razak ADMK S. K. T. Ramachandran INC 5,661
216. Tenkasi S. Muthusamy Karayalar INC J. Abdul Jabbar IND 11,784
217. Alankulam V. Karuppasamy Pandian ADMK R. Navaneethakrishnapandian JNP 1,841
218. Tirunelveli G. R. Edmund ADMK Krishnan alias Nellai Kannan INC 7,294
219. Palayamkottai K. Manoharan ADMK N. Shanmugan IND 13,954
220. Cheranmadevi P. H. Pandian ADMK V. Ratnasabapathi INC 2,292
221. Ambasamudram Easwaramurthy alias Sornam CPM R. Nallakannu CPI 1,787
222. Nanguneri M. John Vincent JNP D. Veliah ADMK 204
223. Radhapuram Y. S. M. Yusuf ADMK P. Paul Pandian JNP 3,594
224. Sathankulam R. Jebamani JNP S. P. Adithanar IND 855
225. Tiruchendur R. Amirtharaj ADMK Subramanya Adithan JNP 1,135
226. Srivaikuntam K. Sathu Selvaraj ADMK S. Muthu DMK 3,540
227. Tuticorin N. Dhanasekaran ADMK R. Naoroji INC 1,219
228. Kanyakumari C. Krishnan ADMK T. C. Subramaniya Pillai INC 7,212
229. Nagercoil M. Vincent ADMK P. Mohammad Ismail JNP 193
230. Colachel R. Athiswami JNP S. Retnaraj DMK 1,182
231. Padmanabhapuram A. Swamidhas JNP N. V. Kanniyappan ADMK 8,153
232. Thiruvattar J. James JNP J. Hemachandran CPM 1,620
233. Vilavancode D. Gnanasigamony CPM S. Sathiadas JNP 1,933
234. Killiyur Pon. Vijayaraghavan JNP K. Thankaraj INC 25,928


Blue: Elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
(SC) Seat is reserved for scheduled caste.
(ST) Seat is reserved for scheduled tribe.


K. Manoharan became the finance minister in MGR's first Cabinet.

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