1984 United States presidential election in Minnesota

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United States presidential election in Minnesota, 1984

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Turnout70.94%[1] Decrease
  Vice President Mondale 1977 closeup.jpg Ronald Reagan presidential portrait crop.jpg
Nominee Walter Mondale Ronald Reagan
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Minnesota California
Running mate Geraldine Ferraro George H. W. Bush
Electoral vote 10 0
Popular vote 1,036,364 1,032,603
Percentage 49.72% 49.54%

Minnesota Presidential Election Results by County, 1984.svg
County Results

President before election

Ronald Reagan

Elected President

Ronald Reagan

The 1984 United States presidential election in Minnesota took place on November 6, 1984, in Minnesota as part of the 1984 United States presidential election.

The Democratic Party candidate, former Vice President Walter Mondale, narrowly won his home state over incumbent President Ronald Reagan by just 3,761 votes, giving him his only state victory in the election (Mondale also carried the District of Columbia), resulting in the state weighing in at around 18% more Democratic than the nation at large. Minnesota was the only state not to back Reagan in either of his presidential campaigns.

Since all 49 other states went to the Republican Party in 1984, this established Minnesota's status as the state with the longest streak of voting Democratic. As of the 2016 presidential election, it still has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1972. However, the District of Columbia has voted Democratic in all presidential elections since 1964 when it was first granted the right to vote for president.

Mondale and former President Jimmy Carter celebrate Mondale's March 13th successes in the 1984 primaries. Minneapolis, Minnesota.


United States presidential election in Minnesota, 1984[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Walter Mondale 1,036,364 49.72% 10
Republican Ronald Reagan (incumbent) 1,032,603 49.54% 0
Independent Democrat Lyndon LaRouche 3,865 0.19% 0
Socialist Workers Melvin Mason 3,180 0.15% 0
Libertarian David Bergland 2,996 0.14% 0
America First Bob Richards 2,377 0.11% 0
Citizens Sonia Johnson 1,219 0.06% 0
Write-ins Write-ins 723 0.03% 0
Communist Gus Hall 630 0.03% 0
Workers League Edward Winn 260 0.01% 0
New Alliance Dennis Serrette 232 0.01% 0
Invalid or blank votes
Totals 2,084,449 100.00% 10
Voter turnout 68%

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