1990 Nigerian coup d'état attempt

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1990 Nigerian coup d'état attempt
Location Nigeria AU Africa.svg
DateApril 22, 1990

Coup fails.


Nigeria Military government

Armed Forces faction
Commanders and leaders
Ibrahim Babangida Gideon Orkar

The 1990 Nigerian coup d'état attempt was a military coup attempt which took place in Nigeria on 22 April 1990 when a faction of Armed Forces officers, led by Major Gideon Orkar, attempted to overthrow the government of General Ibrahim Babangida (who himself took power in the 1985 coup d'état). Rebel troops seized the FRCN radio station and various military posts around Lagos, including the military headquarters and presidential residence, the Dodan Barracks. Babangida was present when the barracks were attacked but managed to escape by a back route.[1] In his coup address, Orkar called for the excision of five northern states of Nigeria.[2]

Orkar and 41 of his co-conspirators were confronted and captured by government troops. They were convicted of treason.[3] On 27 July 1990, they were executed by firing squad.[4]


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