1991 Virginia Senate election

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Virginia Senate election, 1991

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All 40 seats in the Senate of Virginia
21 seats needed for a majority
Turnout49.1%[1] Decrease
  Majority party Minority party
  Senator Andrews 1988.jpg Senator Truban 1988.jpg
Leader Hunter Andrews William A. Truban
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 9, 1980 January 14, 1976
Leader's seat 1st 27th
Last election 30 10
Seats won 22 18
Seat change Decrease8 Increase8

Majority leader before election

Hunter Andrews

Elected Majority leader

Hunter Andrews

In the elections to the Senate of Virginia, United States in October 1991, the Republican Party gained 8 seats from the Democrats, but the Democrats retained a majority with 22 seats to the Republicans' 18. One electoral district was newly created and another two were merged into one.

Election results[edit]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
1 Hunter Andrews Democratic 1963 Re-elected Hunter Andrews (D) 52.44%
Barry I. Epstein (R) 44.90%
Lorene Marable-Safavinia (I) 2.63%
2 Robert C. Scott Democratic 1982 Re-elected Robert C. Scott (D) unopposed
3 William E. Fears Democratic 1967 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Tommy Norment (R) 54.27%
William E. Fears (D) 45.71%
4 Elmo G. Cross, Jr. Democratic 1975 Re-elected Elmo G. Cross, Jr. (D) 62.15%
Randy D. Barrack (R) 37.83%
5 Yvonne B. Miller Democratic 1987 Re-elected Yvonne B. Miller (D) 75.53%
F. P. Clay, Jr. (R) 20.20%
Loretta F. Chandler (I) 3.99%
6 Stanley C. Walker Democratic 1971 Re-elected Stanley C. Walker (D) 83.10%
Alain E. Lareau, Jr. (R) 16.40%
7 Clarence A. Holland Democratic 1983 Re-elected Clarence A. Holland (D) 53.41%
Mark S. Bailey (R) 46.47%
8 Moody E. Stallings, Jr. Democratic 1987 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ken Stolle (R) 54.02%
Moody E. Stallings, Jr. (D) 45.80%
9 Benjamin Lambert Democratic 1985 Re-elected Benjamin Lambert (D) unopposed
10 Joseph B. Benedetti Republican 1986 Re-elected Joseph B. Benedetti (R) unopposed
11 Robert E. Russell, Sr. Republican 1983 Re-elected Robert E. Russell, Sr. (R) 53.54%
Alexander B. McMurtrie, Jr. (D) 46.33%
12 Edwina P. Dalton Republican 1987 Retired
Republican hold
Walter Stosch (R) 75.61%
Charlotte L. Armstrong (D) 24.30%
13 Johnny Joannou Democratic 1983 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Fred Quayle (R) 50.78%
Johnny Joannou (D) 49.20%
14 Mark Earley Republican 1987 Re-elected Mark Earley (R) 68.44%
Johnny W. Butt (D) 31.51%
15 Richard J. Holland Democratic 1979 Re-elected Richard J. Holland (D) unopposed
16 Elmon T. Gray Democratic 1971 Retired
Democratic hold
Henry L. Marsh (D) 60.10%
Don A. Harrington, Jr. (I) 22.40%
John C. Holden (I) 17.45%
17 Edd Houck Democratic 1983 Re-elected Edd Houck (D) 63.78%
J. Russ Moulton, Jr. (R) 36.22%
18 Howard P. Anderson Democratic 1971 Retired
Democratic hold
Louise Lucas (D) 51.88%
Frank Ruff (R) 48.12%
19 William Onico Barker Republican 1979 Retired
Republican hold
Charles R. Hawkins (R) unopposed
20 Virgil Goode Democratic 1973 Re-elected Virgil Goode (D) unopposed
21 John G. Macfarlane Democratic 1983 Lost re-election
Republican gain
J. Brandon Bell (R) 53.49%
John G. Macfarlane (D) 46.45%
22 Dudley J. Emick Democratic 1975 Retired
Republican gain
Malfourd W. Trumbo (R) 43.27%
Francis E. Longaker (I) 28.87%
A. Carole Pratt (I) 27.84%
23 Elliot S. Schewel Democratic 1975 Re-elected Elliot S. Schewel (D) unopposed
24 Frank W. Nolen Democratic 1974 Re-elected Frank W. Nolen (D) unopposed
25 Thomas J. Michie, Jr. Democratic 1980 Loss re-election
Republican gain
Edgar S. Robb (R) 50.76%
Thomas J. Michie, Jr. (D) 49.20%
26 Kevin G. Miller Republican 1983 Re-elected Kevin G. Miller (R) 59.47%
Margaret E. Haynes (D) 40.52%
27 William A. Truban Republican 1971 Retired
Republican hold
Russ Potts (R) 49.61%
Dennis L. Hupp (D) 31.35%
Thomas A. Lewis (I) 17.20%
Robert Lynwood Coffman (I) 1.83%
28 John Chichester Republican 1978 Re-elected John Chichester (R) 69.48%
Edwin C. King (D) 30.52%
29 Charles Colgan Democratic 1975 Re-elected Charles Colgan (D) unopposed
30 Robert L. Calhoun Republican 1988 Re-elected Robert L. Calhoun (R) 65.25%
Stanley R. Vosper, Jr. (D) 34.59%
31 Edward M. Holland Democratic 1971 Re-elected Edward M. Holland (D) 71.80%
Francis J. Mahoney, Jr. (R) 28.02%
32 Clive L. DuVal Democratic 1971 Retired
Democratic hold
Janet Howell (D) 52.46%
Frederick T. Dykes (R) 47.41%
33 Charles L. Waddell Democratic 1971 Re-elected Charles L. Waddell (D) 48.98%
Dennis G. Pierce (R) 25.83%
Kristen C. Umstattd (I) 25.14%
34 Emilie F. Miller Democratic 1987 Loss re-election
Republican gain
Jane H. Woods (R) 52.06%
Emiie F. Miller (D) 47.88%
35 Richard L. Saslaw Democratic 1979 Re-elected Richard L. Saslaw (D) 60.21%
Christy Anne Marie Collins (R) 39.74%
36 Joseph V. Gartlan, Jr. Democratic 1971 Re-elected Joseph V. Gartlan, Jr. (D) 51.17%
John M. Griswold (R) 48.71%
37 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Warren E. Barry (R) 60.60%
James C. Tso (D) 39.32%
38 Daniel W. Bird, Jr. Democratic 1975 Re-elected Jackson E. Reasor, Jr. (D) unopposed
39 Madison E. Marye
Redistricted from the 37th district
Democratic 1973 Re-elected Madison E. Marye (D) unopposed
40 Joe Jack Kennedy, Jr. Democratic 1991 Loss redistricting contest
Democratic loss
William C. Wampler, Jr. (R) 52.35%
Joe Jack Kennedy, Jr. (D) 47.63%
William C. Wampler, Jr.
Redistricted from the 39th district
Republican 1987 Re-elected

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