1997 United States gubernatorial elections

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United States gubernatorial elections, 1997

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3 governorships
2 states; 1 territory
  Majority party Minority party
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 32 governorships 17 governorships
Seats before 32 17
Seats after 32 17
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 2,102,456 1,846,939
Percentage 53.23% 46.77%

1997 Gubernatorial election map.svg
  Republican hold

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 4, 1997 in two states and one territory. Republicans retained both seats.

Summary of results[edit]

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing candidates
New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman Republican Re-elected, 47.1% Jim McGreevey (Democratic) 46.0%
Murray Sabrin (Libertarian) 4.7%
Richard Pezzullo (Conservative) 1.5%
Madelyn Hoffman (Green) 0.4%
Michael Perrone (Independent) 0.3%
Robert Miller (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Northern Mariana Islands[1] Froilan Tenorio Democratic Defeated, 27.27% Pedro Tenorio (Republican) 46.47%
Jesse Borja (Independent) 26.26%
Virginia George Allen Republican Term-limited, Republican victory Jim Gilmore (Republican) 55.8%
Don Beyer (Democratic) 42.6%
Sue DeBauche (Reform) 1.5%

Note: Candidates' vote percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent. Candidates earning 0.05% or more of the vote are included.