1998 Taranaki-King Country by-election

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Taranaki-King Country by-election, 1998

← 1996 general 2 May 1998 (1998-05-02) 1999 general →
Candidate Shane Ardern Owen Jennings
Party National ACT
Popular vote 5,953 4,965
Percentage 29.43% 24.55%

Candidate Max Purnell Kevin Campbell
Party Labour Alliance
Popular vote 3,546 3,208
Percentage 17.53% 15.46%

Member before election

Jim Bolger

Elected Member

Shane Ardern

The Taranaki-King Country by-election was a by-election in the New Zealand electorate of Taranaki-King Country, a large and predominantly rural district in the west of New Zealand's North Island. It took place on 2 May 1998, and was precipitated by the resignation from parliament of sitting MP Jim Bolger. Bolger was retiring from politics, having recently been replaced as Prime Minister by Jenny Shipley.

The by-election was contested by all major parties. It was won by Shane Ardern, a member of Bolger's National Party, although Ardern gained a majority of only 988 votes.[1] (In the 1996 general election Bolger had a majority of 10,223, or 37.37% in this seat.) Surprisingly, second place was won by Owen Jennings of the ACT party, a small party that promotes economic deregulation and other laissez-faire economic policies. The Labour Party, National's traditional opponent, was pushed back into third place. The Alliance, a left-wing party, gained fourth place. Some distance behind these four were Christian Heritage, New Zealand First, and the Greens, all with similar numbers of votes. They were followed by a group of minor parties and independents.


The following table gives the election results:

1998 Taranaki-King Country by-election
Party Candidate Votes % ±
National Shane Ardern 5,953 29.43
ACT Owen Jennings 4,965 24.55
Labour Max Purnell 3,546 17.53
Alliance Kevin Campbell 3,208 15.46
Christian Heritage Ewen McQueen 561 2.77
NZ First Robin Ord 560 2.77
Green Cindy McDonald 503 2.49
Legalise Cannabis Michael Appleby 393 1.94
United NZ Pauline Gardiner 127 0.63
Independent Doug Wilson 127 0.63
McGillicuddy Serious Paul Cooke 76 0.38
Independent Brett Power 56 0.28
Animals First Alistair McKellow 49 0.24
Independent Greg Walker 32 0.16
Social Credit Avon James Harris 17 0.08
Natural Law Tony Martin 17 0.08
Independent Victor Bryers 15 0.07
Youth Independence Robert Terry 10 0.05
Mana Wahine Mary Gilmore 7 0.03
Progressive Party Ralph Dell 3 0.01
Majority 984 4.87
Turnout 20,225
National hold Swing -32.51


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