2000 United States Senate election in Connecticut

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United States Senate election in Connecticut, 2000

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  Joe Lieberman official portrait 2 (cropped).jpg Philip Giordano.jpg
Nominee Joe Lieberman Philip Giordano
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 828,902 448,077
Percentage 63.2% 34.2%

Connecticut Senate Election Results by County, 2000.svg
County results

U.S. Senator before election

Joe Lieberman

Elected U.S. Senator

Joe Lieberman

The 2000 United States Senate election in Connecticut took place on November 7, 2000 in conjunction with the 2000 U.S. presidential election, other elections to the United States Senate in other states, as well as elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman won re-election to a third term. While running for re-election, he was also Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 presidential campaign. With Gore losing the presidency to George W. Bush, Lieberman returned to the Senate and remained there for another 12 years, when he retired. Had the Gore-Lieberman ticket won, Lieberman would have become U.S. Vice President and forced to resign his Senate seat, which would have led to a 2002 special election. It would also have led Republican Governor John G. Rowland to temporarily appoint an interim replacement.[1]

Major candidates[edit]




Lieberman, a very popular[2] centrist [3] incumbent, focused on his Vice Presidential campaign. He refused to show up at the debates.[4] Giordano was a heavy underdog, as he was ignored by the press and as he debated alone.[5]


General election results[6]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Joe Lieberman (Incumbent) 828,902 63.2% -3.8%
Republican Philip Giordano 448,077 34.2% +3.2%
Concerned Citizens William Kozak 25,509 2.0% +0.1%
Libertarian Wildey J. Moore 8,773 0.7% +0.7%
Democratic hold Swing

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