2002 Kabul bombing

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Coordinates: 34°31′59″N 69°09′58″E / 34.533°N 69.166°E / 34.533; 69.166

2002 Kabul bombing
LocationKabul, Afghanistan
DateSeptember 5, 2002
Attack type
car bomb

The 2002 Kabul bombing was a large car bomb explosion that killed 26 people and wounded 167 on September 5, 2002, in front of the Ministry of Information and Culture building in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.[1] It was the biggest and deadliest attack since the formation of the Karzai administration. The Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's group have all been suspects. It came shortly after Hekmaytar called for a holy war against the foreign troops of ISAF.[2][3] Just a few hours after the bombings, Hamid Karzai narrowly survived an assassination attempt by a Taliban member in the city of Kandahar.[4]


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