2006 Vermont Auditor of Accounts election

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2006 Vermont Auditor of Accounts election

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Randy Brock for Vermont Lt Governor 2016 - 20151020-IMG 7818.jpg
Nominee Thomas M. Salmon Randy Brock Martha Abbott
Party Democratic Republican Progressive
Popular vote 111,741 111,637 23,483
Percentage 44.56% 44.52% 9.36%

Auditor before election

Randy Brock

Elected Auditor

Thomas M. Salmon

The 2006 Vermont Auditor of Accounts election was held on November 7, 2006 and resulted in one of the closest statewide election victories in Vermont history. It also resulted in the first statewide election recount since 1980, and the first time in the state's history, that such a recount resulted in the overturning of the election night results.


Election and recount[edit]

Unofficial election night results had Democrat Thomas M. "Tom" Salmon losing to Republican incumbent Randolph D. "Randy" Brock by over 800 votes. But when the certified results were announced a few days later, Brock was leading by only 137 votes (with over 250,000 votes cast). Given the closeness of the election, Salmon, in accordance with Title 17, section 2602(b) of the state statutes, then petitioned the Washington County Superior Court for a recount.

As recounted results began coming in from the state's 14 Counties, Brock's lead soon disappeared, and Salmon took the lead.

On December 21, 2006 Superior Court Judge Mary Miles Teachout declared Salmon the winner by a margin of 102 votes over Brock.[1][permanent dead link]

This was the first statewide recount in Vermont in 26 years. According to the state archivist, it is also the first time in the state's history that a certified election was overturned on the basis of a recount.[2] Also, according to Brock, this may have been the closest statewide election in the state's history.[3][permanent dead link]

Salmon took office on January 4, 2007.


The unofficial recount results as of December 19, 2006, as reported by the Vermont Secretary of State's office [4] (these results do not include small changes due to the counting of 62 provisional and vote by phone ballots, and due to the court's resolution of a small number of disputed ballots, that were included in the final results):

Candidate Party Original Count Recount Change in Votes
Martha Abbott Progressive 23,545 23,483 -62
Randy Brock Republican 111,486 111,637 +151
Jerry Levy Liberty Union 4,229 3,913 -316
Thomas M. Salmon (Winner) Democratic 111,349 111,741 +392