2007 Houston mayoral election

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Houston mayoral election, 2007

← 2005 November 6, 2007 2009 →
  Bill White for Texas (41591).jpg 3x4.svg 3x4.svg
Candidate Bill White Amanda Ulman Outlaw Jose Wales
Popular vote 101,277 8,798 7,023
Percentage 87% 7% 6%

Mayor before election

Bill White

Elected Mayor

Bill White

The Houston Mayoral Election of 2007 took place on November 6, 2007. Incumbent Mayor Bill White was re-elected to a third term. Officially the race was non-partisan, but Mayor White is a member of the Democratic Party.[1]


White was the 60th Mayor of Houston. His platform included promoting energy efficient and affordable housing, reducing violent crime, and reductions to traffic congestion.[2]

  • Amanda Ulman:

Ulman, a meat-packing plant worker, represented the Socialist Workers Party. Her platform included amnesty for illegal immigrants, ending the Iraq War and public works projects to give jobs to the unemployed.[2][3]

  • Outlaw Josey Wales IV:

Wales, a contract engineer and professional wrestling promoter, ran as an independent. Wales legally changed his name to Outlaw Josey Wales in 1998. He had run for mayor before in 1999, having received 19,741 votes, around 10%.[4][5] Wale's platform included increasing the pay of police officers, making it illegal to drive while using a cellphone, and stricter enforcement of carpool lanes.[2]


Houston mayoral election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ±
None Bill White 101,277 87%
None Amanda Ulman 8,798 7%
None Outlaw Josey Wales 7,023 6%


White served his third term as mayor and as ineligible for re-election in the 2009 mayoral elections. Ulman would run again that year, but received only 1% of the vote.[6] She ran again in 2011, receiving 1,882 votes.[7]


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