2007 San Antonio mayoral election

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San Antonio mayoral election, 2007
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← 2005 May 12, 2007 2009 →
  SA Mayor Phil Hardberger.jpg
Candidate Phil Hardberger
Party Nonpartisan
Popular vote 53,553
Percentage 77.34%

Mayor before election

Phil Hardberger

Elected Mayor

Phil Hardberger

On May 12, 2007, the city of San Antonio, Texas, held an election to choose who would serve as Mayor of San Antonio for a two year term to expire in 2009. Incumbent mayor Phil Hardberger won over 77 percent of the vote, securing re-election to a second and final two year term. (Term limits were relaxed from two two-year terms to four two-year terms starting with the 2009 election, however such relief does not apply to those who have already been elected to an office in which the two term limit applies.) [1]


Phil Hardberger, who was first elected mayor in the 2005 mayoral election, decided to pursue election to a second and final term. His opponent in the runoff, Julian Castro opted not to seek a rematch against Hardberger in the 2007 mayoral election, thus leaving Hardberger to face six minor candidates in the election (Castro would instead seek, and successfully gain election to the mayoralty of San Antonio two years later).[2]



  • Julian Castro, former District 7 councilman and 2005 mayoral candidate


On May 12, 2007, the election for Mayor was held. Phil Hardberger secured re-election with over 77% of the vote, thus negating the need of a runoff election (which would have been required if no candidate got 50%+1 of all votes cast).

San Antonio Mayor, 2007
Regular election, May 12, 2007
Candidate Votes % ±
Phil Hardberger 53,553 77.34% +25.87%
Patrick McCurdy 5,611 8.10%
Eiginio Rodriguez 4,189 6.05%
Julie Iris Oldham 2,097 3.03% +2.22%
R. G. Griffing 1,524 2.20%
Michael Idrogo 1,347 1.94% +1.70%
Rhett R. Smith 919 1.33% +1.08%
Turnout 69,240 8.11%*

* Vote percentage include all of Bexar County with a total of 17,493 (2.06%) either voting in another municipal election, casting a spoiled vote or casting no ballot for San Antonio mayor.


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