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The 2008 Iowa Senate election were held on November 4, 2008. The Senate seats for the twenty-five even-numbered districts were up for election. Senate terms are staggered such that half the membership is elected every two years, with each Senators serving a four-year term. Prior to the election, the Democrats were in the majority - marking the first time in 42 years that the Democrats had controlled both branches of the Iowa General Assembly and the Governor's Office.[1] They expanded this majority by two seats in the 2008 elections.

Senate composition[edit]

Iowa Senate: pre-election Seats
  Democratic-held 30
  Republican-held 20
2006 Elections
  Democratic held and uncontested 19
  Contested 20
  Republican held and uncontested 11
Iowa Senate: post-election Seats
  Democratic-held 32
  Republican-held 18


The election took place on November 4, 2008. Candidate list[2] and official results[3] from the Iowa Secretary of State.

General election[edit]

District Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
2 Republican Dave Mulder[4] Republican Randy Feenstra 24,595
4 Democratic John P. Kibbie Won re-election. Democratic John P. Kibbie 18,059
Grassroots For Life Ken Vaske 7,258
6 Republican E. Thurman Gaskill Republican Merlin Bartz 14,299
Democratic Doug Thompson 12,496
Independent Kenneth J. Abrams 2,241
8 Republican Mark Zieman Lost re-election. Democratic Mary Jo Wilhelm 14,862
Republican Mark Zieman 13,836
10 Democratic Jeff Danielson Won Re-election. Democratic Jeff Danielson 16,103
Republican Walt Rogers 16,081
12 Democratic Brian Schoenjahn Won re-election. Democratic Brian Schoenjahn 17,402
Republican Rebecca Wearmouth 9,641
14 Democratic Michael Connolly Democratic Pam Jochum 19,443
Republican John Hulsizer, Jr. 8,428
16 Democratic Tom Hancock Won re-election. Democratic Tom Hancock 17,129
Republican Dave McLaughlin 13,660
18 Republican Mary Lundby Democratic Swati A. Dandekar 20,667
Republican Joe Childers 17,367
20 Republican John Putney Republican Tim L. Kapucian 15,527
Democratic Randy L. Braden 13,916
22 Republican Larry McKibben Democratic Steve Sodders 14,837
Republican Jarret P. Heil 11,846
24 Republican Jerry Behn Won re-election. Republican Jerry Behn 22,970
Democratic Albert Sorensen 16,233
26 Republican Steve Kettering Won re-election. Republican Steve Kettering 22,853
28 Republican James A. Seymour Won re-election. Republican James A. Seymour 17,188
30 Republican Pat Ward Won re-election. Republican Pat Ward 21,842
32 Republican Brad Zaun Won re-election. Republican Brad Zaun 23,190
34 Democratic Dick L. Dearden Won re-election. Democratic Dick L. Dearden 17,705
Republican Scott Strosahl 9,617
36 Republican Paul McKinley Won re-election. Republican Paul McKinley 18,236
Democratic Deb Ballalatak 10,579
38 Democratic Thomas J. Rielly Won re-election. Democratic Thomas J. Rielly 16,332
Republican Michael C. Hadley 12,393
40 Republican James F. Hahn Won re-election. Republican James F. Hahn 14,134
Democratic Sharon Savage 12,939
42 Democratic Frank B. Wood Lost re-election. Republican Shawn Hamerlinck 16,447
Democratic Frank B. Wood 16,063
44 Democratic Thomas G. Courtney Won re-election. Democratic Thomas G. Courtney 15,601
Republican David Kerr 10,536
46 Democratic Eugene Fraise Won re-election. Democratic Eugene Fraise 14,668
Republican Doug P. Abolt 11,088
48 Republican Jeff Angelo Republican Kim Reynolds 14,274
Democratic Ruth Smith 11,653
Independent Rodney Schmidt 1,021
50 Democratic Michael E. Gronstal Won re-election. Democratic Michael E. Gronstal 13,375
Republican Mark A. Brandenburg 9,740

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