2008 New Mexico Democratic primary

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New Mexico Democratic primary, 2008

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  Hillary Rodham Clinton-cropped.jpg Barack Obama.jpg
Candidate Hillary Clinton Barack Obama
Home state New York Illinois
Delegate count 14 12
Popular vote 73,105 71,396
Percentage 49.00% 47.86%

The 2008 New Mexico Democratic primary took place on February 5, 2008, with 26 national delegates at stake.[1]

On February 12, 2008, counting was officially finished and Hillary Clinton was declared the winner.


New Mexico is announced as part of the roll call of the states during the third day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Rather than announcing its distribution of delegate votes, the state would yield to Illinois, which would in turn yield to New York as part of an effort to promote party unity.

Although mass media called New Mexico's nominating contest as a caucus, the format was that of a party-run closed primary.[2] Eligible voters included all registered Democrats as of January 4, 2008. Voting occurred between 12 noon and 7 PM Mountain Standard Time. Absentee ballots were available to any voter and were required to be returned by January 28. Delegates were then apportioned based on the results of the primary at the statewide and Congressional district levels, and were formally elected at district and state conventions in April based on the primary results.[3]



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prior to contest
New Mexico Democratic presidential primary, 2008[4]
Candidate Votes Percentage Estimated national delegates[1]
Hillary Clinton 73,105 49.00% 14
Barack Obama 71,396 47.86% 12
John Edwards 2,157 1.45% 0
Bill Richardson 1,305 0.87% 0
Dennis Kucinich 574 0.38% 0
Joe Biden 122 0.08% 0
Chris Dodd 81 0.05% 0
Uncommitted 441 0.30% 0
Totals 149,181 100.00% 26

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