2008 ULEB Cup Final Eight

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Main favourite for ULEB Cup trophy - Dynamo Moscow

ULEB Cup 2007–08 Final Eight was the final round of 2007–08 ULEB Cup, and there were eight teams, which won their matches in Sixteenth Finals and Eighth finals. The Final Eight was held in Turin, Italy, at the Torino Palavela arena. The matches were played from 10 to 13 April.



The arena, which hosted the Final Eight, is Torino Palavela in Turin. It is used also for figure skating and ice hockey. For basketball the seating capacity of the arena is 9,200.[1]



11 April
Russia Dynamo Moscow78
12 April
Poland Turów Zgorzelec63
Russia Dynamo Moscow78
11 April
Spain Akasvayu Girona81
Spain Akasvayu Girona75
13 April
Russia UNICS66
Spain Akasvayu Girona54
10 April
Spain DKV Joventut79
Spain DKV Joventut77
12 April
Spain Pamesa Valencia67
Spain DKV Joventut90
10 April
Turkey Galatasaray Café Crown83 Third place game
Turkey Beşiktaş Cola Turka60
13 April
Turkey Galatasaray Café Crown61
Russia Dynamo Moscow84
Turkey Galatasaray Café Crown67



10 April
Beşiktaş Cola Turka Turkey 60–61 Turkey Galatasaray Cafe Crown
Scoring by quarter: 11-19, 13-16, 18-14, 18-12
Pts: Predrag Drobnjak 17
Rebs: Kaya Peker 7
Asts: Sandro Nicević 3
Pts: Robert Hite 22
Rebs: Charles Gaines 10
Asts: Dee Brown 3
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 4,000
Referees: Garcia Ortiz (ESP), Jovcic (SRB), Jasevicius (LTU)
10 April
DKV Joventut Spain 77–67 Spain Pamesa Valencia
Scoring by quarter: 25-16, 19-10, 17-11, 16-30
Pts: Demond Mallet 16
Rebs: Ricky Rubio 7
Asts: Rudy Fernández 5
Pts: Shammond Williams 25
Rebs: Shammond Williams 6
Asts: Williams, Milojević 3
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 4,500
Referees: Cicoria (ITA), Belosevic (SRB), Viator (FRA)
11 April
Dynamo Moscow Russia 78–63 Poland Turów Zgorzelec
Scoring by quarter: 25-17, 18-24, 18-11, 17-14
Pts: Henry Domercant 22
Rebs: Antonis Fotsis 6
Asts: Samoilenko, Vujanić 3
Pts: David Logan 19
Rebs: David Logan 7
Asts: Andres Rodriguez 4
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 4,790
Referees: Pukl (SLO), Christodoulou (GRE), Perez Pizarro (ESP)
11 April
Akasvayu Girona Spain 75–66 Russia UNICS Kazan
Scoring by quarter: 25-24, 11-12, 23-14, 16-16
Pts: McDonald, Gasol 19
Rebs: Víctor Sada 6
Asts: Víctor Sada 8
Pts: Chikalkin, Savanović 12
Rebs: Tariq Kirksay 7
Asts: Tariq Kirksay 4
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 4,790
Referees: Facchini (ITA), Rocha (POR), Lefwerth (SWE)


12 April
DKV Joventut Spain 90–83 Turkey Galatasaray Cafe Crown
Scoring by quarter: 27-17, 20-20, 21-23, 22-23
Pts: Rudy Fernández 27
Rebs: Jérôme Moïso 9
Asts: Ricky Rubio 5
Pts: Robert Hite 28
Rebs: Chris Owens 12
Asts: Owens, Brown 4
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 5,060
Referees: Facchini (ITA), Pukl (SLO), Rocha (POR)
12 April
Dynamo Moscow Russia 78–81 Spain Akasvayu Girona
Scoring by quarter: 20-23, 15-15, 14-26, 29-17
Pts: Henry Domercant 20
Rebs: Robertas Javtokas 10
Asts: Miloš Vujanić 6
Pts: Ivan Radenović 20
Rebs: Daniels, Radenović 7
Asts: Víctor Sada 7
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 5,060
Referees: Cicoria (ITA), Jovcic (SRB), Jasevicius (LTU)

Third Place[edit]

13 April
Dynamo Moscow Russia 84–67 Turkey Galatasaray Cafe Crown
Scoring by quarter: 26-8, 18-23, 13-17, 27-19
Pts: Sergei Monia 17
Rebs: Robertas Javtokas 9
Asts: Sergei Bykov 4
Pts: Erdem Türetken 16
Rebs: Gaines 8
Asts: Kaya, Erden 4
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 5,060
Referees: Garcia Ortiz (ESP), Christodoulou (GRE), Perez Pizarro (ESP)


13 April
Akasvayu Girona Spain 54–79 Spain DKV Joventut
Scoring by quarter: 21-16, 6-18, 10-24, 17-21
Pts: Ivan Radenović 20
Rebs: Marc Gasol 10
Asts: Víctor Sada 5
Pts: Demond Mallet 26
Rebs: Luboš Bartoň 8
Asts: Pau Ribas 3
Palavela, Turin
Attendance: 5,060
Referees: Facchini (ITA), Belosevic (SRB), Viator (FRA)
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Girona jersey
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