2008 United States House of Representatives election in Delaware

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2008 United States House of Representatives election in Delaware

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Nominee Mike Castle Karen Hartley-Nagle
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 235,437 146,434
Percentage 61.08% 37.99%

U.S. Representative before election

Mike Castle

Elected U.S. Representative

Mike Castle

The 2008 United States House election in Delaware was held on November 4, 2008 to determine who will represent the state of Delaware in the United States House of Representatives for the 111th Congress, coinciding with the presidential election. The primary election was held on September 9, 2008.[1]

Delaware has a single at-large representative in the House of Representatives. Republican incumbent Michael N. Castle was reelected for an eighth term. As of 2019, this is the last election in which a Republican was elected to Congress in Delaware.

Match-up summary[edit]

District Incumbent 2008 Status Democratic Republican Libertarian
At-large Michael N. Castle Re-election Karen Hartley-Nagle Michael N. Castle Mark Anthony Parks


Map of Delaware's at-large congressional district

The state of Delaware is completely contained in a single at-large district. The district has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of D+7.[2] Since 1993, the district has been represented by Republican Michael N. Castle.

Primary election[edit]

Primary elections in Delaware are closed primaries; that is, only voters who have declared a party affiliation may vote in that party's primary.[3] Three Democrats were on the primary ballot: children's rights advocate and 2006 independent candidate Karen Hartley-Nagle, veterinarian and Vietnam War veteran Jerry Northington, and Michael Miller.[4][5] Hartley-Nagle was nominated with 55.4 percent of the vote, with turnout at 28 percent.[6] Castle did not face any Republican primary challengers.

Delaware Democratic Party House of Representatives primary, 2008[6]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Karen Hartley-Nagle 35,995 55.4
Democratic Jerry Northington 22,393 34.5
Democratic Michael Miller 6,609 10.1
Total votes 64,997 100

General election[edit]

In the general election, Republican incumbent Michael N. Castle was challenged by Democratic nominee Karen Hartley-Nagle and Libertarian Party candidate Mark Anthony Parks. CQ Politics forecasted the race in Delaware's At-large congressional district as 'Safe Republican'. Castle enjoyed a lead throughout the campaign, and ultimately won the election with slightly over 61 percent of the votes cast. Statewide turnout for the election was at 68 percent.[7]

Delaware's at-large congressional district election, 2008[7]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Michael Castle (incumbent) 235,437 61.08
Democratic Karen Hartley-Nagle 146,434 37.99
Libertarian Mark Parks 3,586 0.93
Total votes 385,457 100.00
Republican hold

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